1958 Glastron Boat for Sale Owner Just Price $10,999 *1958

1958 Glastron Boat for Sale

1958 Glastron Boat for Sale owner just price US$10,999. Used 1958 Glastron Boat for Sale are 15′ in length. The fuel type used in the 1958 Glastron Fireflite 15′ boats is gasoline.

Fiberglass is used in the hull of the 1958 Glastron Boats. This boat has a 2003 model outboard 40 hp Honda engine.

1958 Glastron Boat for Sale

Does Glastron Make a Good Boat?

The Glastron is an outstanding surface performance boat. Some Glastron Boats were also built for racing. Those made for racing were known as Glastron Speedboats, but today, there are collectors of this design.

Whether you’re a racing fan or just want to admire the sleek fins, the Glastron is a classic. It is still relatively inexpensive if you can find one.

Are Glastron Boats Still Made?

The Glastron Boat Company began in a rented garage in Arlington, Texas, and quickly expanded into one of the world’s largest boat manufacturers. By the end of the first year, it produced 24 boats. The following year, it made 900 boats, and by the end of the third year, it had produced more than 4,000 boats.

The company continued to grow and established a reputation for innovation. In the early 1960s, the company introduced the Aqua lift v-hull, a revolutionary design that offered both a fast and soft ride. Within a few years, the Aqua lift accounted for more than half of the company’s sales.

Is Glastron Boat Company Still in Business?

Glastron boats are still being produced by the world’s largest boat builder Beneteau Group.

Where Do They Make Glastron Boats?

Glastron Boat is built in Cadillac, Michigan.

Who Bought Glastron?

Glastron was acquired by the Beneteau Group in 1990.

What are Glastron Boats Made of?

Glastron Boats are made from fiberglass and are the first boats made with fiberglass.

Do Glastron Boats Have Wood in Them?

The old Glastron Boats have wood, now there is no wood anywhere in the hull.

When did Glastron Stop Using Wood?

Glastron reduced the use of wood after 1993 and completely stopped using wood in the boat.

1958 Glastron Boat Reviews

In 1958, Glastron introduced three new boats, including the Futura 500 and Jetflite. The Sidewinder, a small and fast ski boat, was also introduced, as were the Fireflite, Surflite, and Sea Lark. These were waterskiing champions but did not return after many years and only had a brief 3-year run.

Sidewinder Was a Small, Fast Ski Boat

The 1958 Glastron boat Sidewinder was a fast, small ski boat with an interesting hull design. It was created by Ken Baker of Los Altos Marine Inc. and was available in two different sizes, 16 and 18 feet. In the early 1960s, Sidewinder was offered with a tunnel hull and lowered sheer line.

It also featured a large “SK” type deck. The Sidewinder had a unique hull design and a single 1250 BP Merc. The Sidewinder’s hull design was a popular choice, and the boat’s hulls were made in a variety of color schemes.

The Sidewinder was not the first ski boat to be designed in the US. Other manufacturers also created similar-looking models, targeting the same demographic of consumers.

In 1974, the Thompson Boat Company took over the manufacturing rights and moved production to Peshtigo, WI. The last Sidewinders were produced in the United States and Canada in the early 1990s.


One of the most recognizable Glastron boat models is the Jetflite. This small, sporty boat was like a sports car for the water. Its red and white color scheme made it a Glastron favorite.

It was also the first year to use the famous “hullside” color scheme. Other Glastron boats in this decade included the Bayflite 14 and the Seaflite 14. A classic tall-sided boat, the Seaflite had twin outboards and a hardtop that could be raised by hand.

The Glastron boat featured a sleek design with a family-oriented layout. It also included bunks “below” for comfort and an optional head.

The boat’s steering was done from the side with the help of side controls for the 120-hp Johnson outboard. The Glastron boat company was founded in 1956 by four partners. They were inspired by the growing Space Age that culminated with the launch of Sputnik.

The 1958 Glastron Boat Company started production in 1957. The company borrowed styling from the American Automotive Industry and continued to produce beautiful boat models. These models remain popular today.

One such boat at the auction has undergone a stunning restoration. It features a high-end paint job that gives it a stunning color combination. Another highlight of this boat is its hardtop cover that creates the classic bubble top look.


The Glastron company started building watercraft in 1957. They drew their styling from the American automotive industry and the early models were very popular. One of the Glastron boats at auction was recently restored and had a high-end paint job. This boat has a striking color combination and a hardtop cover that simulates the bubble top look.

It was a sporty boat that was a favorite of Glastron boaters. This model was painted red on white and was very popular in the 1960s. Another Glastron boat from the same year was the 18-foot Bayflite. This model featured twin outboards.

Sea Lark

The 1958 Glastron Sea Lark is one of the most iconic boats of the early 1950s. It’s a rare fiberglass finned boat that was influenced by Motorama show concepts.

The boat’s fins extended two feet above the deck and its tailfins were large and wide. It was designed by Brooks Stevens, an industrial designer who worked with Cadillac Motors.

The Sea Lark was designed to promote the new Lark outboard motor. Its molded wood hull and fiberglass deck were combined with aluminum trim and massive fins.

The design also featured twin bubble windshields. While it was made by Cadillac, the Sea Lark is now highly desirable by collectors of classic boats.

This iconic boat had a unique look and a simple family-oriented layout. It also included optional heads. It was driven standing up with a powerful 120-horsepower Johnson outboard.

The Glastron Boat Company was founded in 1956 by four partners with an eye toward the future. The Space Age and the Sputnik launch spurred the design.


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