Arima Boats for Sale Just Price $17,249 *Arima Sea Ranger

Arima Boats for Sale

Arima Boats for Sale just price at 17,249 USD. Used Arima Boats for Sale are indispensable for fishing boat lovers. 1999 Arima Sea Ranger 19 Fishing Boat is 19′ in length. There is a 90-hp Honda engine on the boat. The hull of the boat is made of Fiberglass.

Arima Boats for Sale

The 1999 Arima Sea Ranger 19 boat is loaded with features and is an excellent fishing machine. It offers a spacious walkaround deck and ample fishing space. It tows easily, even with a four-cylinder car, and is incredibly stable. The Arima is a versatile boat, so it can be towed from one location to another. In addition, it’s easy to store, too.

The boat weighs about 1650 pounds, has a 48-gallon fuel tank, and is equipped with a Garmin 7610xsv with a 10-inch screen and side-scan. The boat has no wood construction and has been repainted. The engine, which is powered by a Honda, is in excellent condition, with only 145 hours on it.

The Arima Sea Ranger 19 boat is an excellent choice for those looking for a boat that can handle the unpredictable conditions of northern waters. Its upturned bow and high deck make it a stable ride, even in rough waters. Its walk-around decks enable anglers to handle fish with ease, and it includes an oversized fish box, a live-to-bait well, and a cooler for storing catch.

Are Arima Boats Unsinkable?

The hulls of Arima boats for sale are made of a hard-chine modified V-hull and have enough strength to withstand sudden Pacific squalls. In addition, they feature a full walk-around deck, a keel-aligned fish box, a 10-gallon live bait well, and reinforced gunwales to hold downrigger mounts. This boat is considered one of the safest and best fishing boats on the market.

Arima boats for sale have a stable hulls and are ideal for cruising at moderate speeds. They are also perfect for fishing, crabbing, and shrimping. And because of their fuel-efficient engines, they don’t need much horsepower. Compared to traditional boats, Arima boats also have a low initial cost and lower operating costs than traditional boats.

Where are Arima Boats Built?

Arima Boats are manufactured in Auburn, Washington.

Are Arima Boats Good?

Arima boats are designed to be family-friendly, durable, and fuel-efficient. They offer a comfortable ride and are made for moderate cruising speeds of up to twenty-five knots. Their extended transoms give them a more stable stance and a straighter ride.

How High Are the Sides on an Arima Boat?

If you’re considering an Arima boat, you’re likely wondering how high the sides are. The answer depends on the model you’re considering. The sides of an Arima boat are usually higher than other boats. This means they’re built higher than the centerline of the hull, which reduces drag.

The sides of an Arima boat are about the same height as the middle part of a regular kayak, which makes them perfect for children. The sides are also higher than the front, which makes them more stable when out on the water.

Who Makes Arima Boat?

It has been produced by Arima Boat company for about 35 years.

How Much Does an Arima Sea Ranger Weigh?

The Arima Sea Ranger boat is 1650 lbs.

Do Arima Boats Have Wood?

Many people ask themselves, “Do Arima Boats have wood?” The answer is that they don’t have wood. Arima’s design philosophy is that people who drive a small car should be able to enjoy the outdoors. As such, the company has dedicated itself to portability and ease of storage. Many models can be towed by most vehicles, and many can even fit in a standard garage.

How Much is a New Arima Boat?

The new Arima Boat starts at $80,000.

Arima Boats Review

If you’re looking for a new Arima fishing boat, you’ve come to the right place. The Sea Chaser 19 is the ultimate fishing machine with its walk-around deck, large fishing area, and towing ability. It tows easily behind a four-cylinder car, and its beam is eight feet, giving you plenty of room in the cockpit and making it incredibly stable. What’s more, the Arima is portable and can be easily towed anywhere – behind a car or even an R.V.

Sea Sprinter

Arima boats are known for their high quality, design, and style, which appeals to a wide range of buyers. Whether you plan to cruise the coast or ply the Gulf of Mexico, you can find the perfect Arima model that suits your needs. The company’s mission is to provide boats that offer quality, design, and functionality for everyday use.

Sea Chaser

The Arima Boats Sea Chaser 1511 is a 16-foot sports boat that can easily handle rough water in the Pacific Northwest. This model has a hard-chine modified V-hull and an upturned bow to keep you comfortable, even in the most demanding conditions. Its forward cuddy features a locking door for added security and comfort while underway.

Sea Ranger

The Arima Boats Sea Ranger is an affordable fishing boat that is loaded with great features. It comes with an F90 Yamaha engine with 175 hours and an eight-horsepower Honda kicker. It also has dual fuel tanks and a Racor fuel filter. Other great features include two batteries, a VHF radio, below-deck storage, and two fish holds on the transom.

Sea Sprinter 17′

If you’re looking for an inshore skiff that can handle the roughest waters in Southern California, the Arima Boats Sea Sprinter 17 is the boat for you. This boat is lightweight and easy to launch and tow, and it’s under two thousand pounds, including the motor, trailer, and trailer hitch. Sadly, Evinrude stopped making these boats, but there are still parts available for them.

Sea Chaser 16′

If you are in the market for a new or used boat, you may want to consider an Arima Boats Sea Chaser 16-footer. These boats are popular with people who love to go freshwater or saltwater fishing. The shallow draft and average beam make them ideal for day cruising. These boats can also be practical candidates for boat repowering projects.

Sea Chaser 15′

Arima Boats is a unique brand that combines design, quality, and style in one compact package. Their boats appeal to both Gulf Fishermen and casual intercoastal explorers. Their focus on functionality and portability is apparent, as each model is easy to transport and can be parked in a standard garage.


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