Creek Boats for Sale Final Price Just $549 *2017 Creek M80

Creek Boats for Sale

Creek Boats for Sale final price just 549 Usd. Used Creek Boats for Sale are 8 feet in length. The 2017 Creek boat M80 weight is 36 lbs and the maximum capacity it can lift is 300 lbs. There is no engine on this boat.

Before choosing a creek boat, it’s helpful to know what kind of whitewater it is intended to handle. The performance of different models will vary depending on the whitewater, as well as the conditions.

Creek Boats for Sale

For example, boats with aggressive rockers tend to be less forgiving on rocky whitewater. This can make boofing and holding a line more difficult. In addition, larger boats tend to be faster and more stable, but they can be less maneuverable in technical whitewater.

When paddling a creek, it’s important to remember that the volume of the water is typically lower than that of the water on a lake or ocean.

For this reason, creek boats tend to have larger overall volumes and more added volume in the stern. This gives the paddler added stability, keeps the boat from tipping over, and allows the boat to move over obstacles without catching on anything.

What is a Creek Boat?

A creek boat is designed to run at lower flows, making it ideal for rivers and creeks.

Are Creek Boats Stable?

Creek Boats are probably the most stable small boat of all boats.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Creek Boat

It’s less bulky than a commercial raft and is more stable than a larger raft. They’re best for beginners and experienced rafters alike. But before buying a creek boat, there are some important factors to consider.

First, determine what type of creek you plan on running. Different models of creek boats will handle different types of whitewater. For example, boats with sharp edges will be less forgiving in rocky whitewash.

They’ll bounce more, making it difficult to hold a line. Likewise, boats with longer hulls will be more stable and faster, but they may not be as maneuverable in technical whitewash.

Modern creek boats are designed with grab handles on both the bow and stern for safety. They’re also reinforced and angled for ease of clipping. Some are even fitted with minicell foam pillars to reduce crush. Some models have safety step-out pillars at the bow to prevent feet from being trapped.

What is Creek Boat Made of?

A Creek Boat is a two-part floating craft made of durable polyethylene that is UV-resistant and non-corrosive. Its design makes it ideal for long-distance cruising in coastal waters.

Because the Creek Boat is UV-resistant, it is safe to leave out in the sun, but should be stored inside or covered when not in use. It is also safe in cold temperatures because polyethylene does not get brittle in cold temperatures.

Today’s creek boats come with two bow grab handles and three stern grab handles. They are reinforced and angled so that they can be easily clipped into the boat. They are also fitted with safety step-out pillars that can be easily stepped onto when exiting the water.

What Kind of Motor Do I Get With My Creek Boat?

There are two different motor types that are available with your Creek Boat. The first is the digital motor package, which has a 55lb thrust and a 12-volt motor. This type of motor features efficient circuitry and can help extend your battery life. A digital motor is very quiet and easy to use.

Why Buy a Creek Boat?

A small boat can also be used for fishing, hunting, or a leisurely trip through quiet backwaters. They’re also ideal for lakes and ponds that are restricted to private use, such as those owned by businesses. They also work well in swamps and marshes.

Creek Boats Reviews

If you are looking for a new riverboat, then you’ve come to the right place. The Zen is one of the fastest creek boats available and is popular with beginners and teachers. Its rocker makes it easy for newbies to T-rescue themselves, while its stability and streamlined design make it an excellent all-around river runner. Advanced boaters can even use it for surfing.

River Runner

If you’re planning on a long day on the water, a river runner is a great choice for your boat. A river runner is designed for faster speed while allowing for easy turning. Its blunt ends and edges minimize the risk of pinning and tripping over rocks.

These creek boats are also very comfortable, with plenty of volume for added stability and buoyancy. The spacious hulls make it easy to haul around extra gear without worrying about boofing. Several types of creek boats are available, and they are a great choice for beginners.


The Creek Boats Sporty is a great choice for a beginner river runner or intermediate racer. It’s easy to get into and has predictable handling. While it could use a bit more volume in the stern, it offers solid stability and plenty of power. It’s not a boat for technical whitewater, but it is great for going over waves.

If you’re planning to take a multiday trip, you’ll need easy packing space for your gear. A creek boat with a removable bulkhead allows you to store your gear on the front. However, some people don’t want to pack their gear in the front.


There are two types of creek boats: play boats and creek boats. Play boats are shorter and lighter than creek boats, but they have less volume in the end. That means they won’t feel as responsive and won’t beat down as easily in narrow creeks. But they are fast enough for a river run and are able to hold a line.

The RIVER RIDER 90 is the fastest creek boat under nine feet. It’s surprisingly stable and fast for its length, but you have to drive hard to get a good top speed. It also tends to catch on rocks, which makes it a poor choice for low-water creeks. It also boofs and accelerates well, but requires a lot of effort to turn. Overall, this is a great boat for beginners and expert racers alike.


When buying a creek boat, look for the length and stability of the tubes. Longer, wider tubes mean a more stable ride. The increased width also makes it less likely to bounce around and get beat up in small holes. A longer, wider boat means less maneuverability in technical whitewater, but can be faster and more stable.

Most Creek Boat models are fairly stable, but there are some that are more stable than others. For example, the M98 and M10 models are similar in stability but slightly more stable than the M80.


Ergonomic Creek Boats are designed to make boating a more pleasant experience. Some have adjustable foot pegs while others have bulkheads and padded plates. The latter feature allows you to adjust the length of your legs and reduces the risk of ankle fractures due to front impact.

Ergonomic creek boats are also easier to handle than traditional kayaks. They are designed with seats that are ergonomically supportive and feature an advantaged shock-absorbing suspension system. These features make it possible to go for multiday outings with ease.


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