Egret Boats for Sale Owner Just Price $74,949

Egret Boats for Sale

Egret Boats for Sale owner just price 74,949 dollars. Used Egret Boats for Sale is 21′ in length. 2015 Egret 2011 Boat is powered by Yamaha Vmax 250 engine.

If you want to own a boat that can handle a variety of activities, you should consider one of the 2011 Egret boats for sale. These boats offer a variety of features, such as comfortable bow decks, spacious cockpits, and plenty of storage space. They are also equipped with a fishfinder/GPS and dual Volvo Penta engines, making them ideal for commercial and recreational boating.

Egret Boats for Sale

How Much is an Egrets Flats Boat?

An Egret Flats Boat costs between $70,000 and $250,000 on average.

What is The Height of a 1999 Egret Boat?

The height of the 1999 fishing boat is 7’5″.

Egret Boat Reviews

If you want to buy an egret boat model, there are several different models to choose from. You may want to look at the 167, 189, 306, or 290 Offshore models. These boats are great options for people who enjoy exploring the water. Each of these models has some unique features.


The Egret boat models are great for cruising on the water and have plenty of room for fishing gear. These models are designed with a running moccasin hull and shallow draft for easier maneuverability. This type of boat can also be used as a yacht tender. These models have a variety of options, including stereos, compasses, and even LED lighting. Among the many features is a SS prop, which was powder coated black in 2020. However, the paint is peeling off the prop.

The Egret 189 is a center console boat that is 5.72 meters long with a 0.25-meter draft. With a CE certification class D, this boat can operate in both protected and open water environments. Egret offers a series of videos that can help learn more about this boat. The videos include demonstrations and presentations by the company and independent experts.


Egret boats are available in a variety of price ranges and features. High-performance models can be found with up to 450 horsepower engines. However, if you’re looking for a more economical model, you may want to check out the lower-priced models.

The Egret 167 is a popular fishing boat that features sturdy wood construction and a lightweight aluminum frame. Its low draft and average beam make it ideal for a range of recreational and commercial boating activities.


The Egret 306 is one of the latest generations of fishing machines. It was made with fishermen in mind and offers a cost-effective way to catch large fish. Its powerful engines, sleek styling, and durable construction make it an excellent choice for long-range fishing. Whether you’re a first-timer to fishing or a seasoned pro, the Egret 306 will provide you with the power you need.

This center console fishing craft comes in a variety of sizes, including the 290CC, which is ideal for day fishing. Its shallow draft and wider beam make it easy to handle, and it has plenty of storage. Some models even come with trailers, which is a handy option when you want to transport it from one location to another.

290 Offshore

The Egret 290 Offshore is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a center console fishing boat that offers a wide variety of features. It is a versatile model with over 110 unique features, making it an excellent choice for both experienced and novice anglers. The 290 Offshore is well-equipped to handle big fish in open waters while offering ample space for storage. The 290CC also comes with a trailer, making it easy to tow and store when you are not using it.

Egret boats are available in various sizes and can range in length from 19 feet to 30 feet. The average length is 29 feet, which makes them excellent for recreational use. You can also find Egret boats on craigslist, which lists boats listed by both private sellers and professional boat dealers. The oldest model is built in 1996, while the newest is a 2016 model.

Egret Boats History

If you’re interested in the history of EGRET boats, you’ve come to the right place. This lapstreak-hulled racing sloop was designed in 1935 by Samuel S. Crocker. He was commissioned to create the class by the Pleasant Park Yacht Club’s Regatta Committee. Four others were built by Willis J. Reid and Arthur Landry and created wide interest because of their stability and high speed. Moreover, Crocker predicted that the class would be the largest ever sailed by any club.

EGRET (Hull #20) was built some years later in 1938

EGRET is a classic 1951 Chesapeake Bay “Deadrise Skiff”. Built in Shady Side, MD, this classic workboat was later converted for a party, entertainment, and day-cruising use. Today, this deadrise design is seldom seen outside the Chesapeake Bay.

The Egret hull was designed by Samuel S. Crocker, who was commissioned by the Regatta Committee to build it in 1935. The hulls were constructed with fiberglass, high-density foam, and a layer of fiberglass to give them stability and thickness. Several different molds were used to make the hull, liner, and deck. The hull was then sandwiched between the two layers and glued together to form the boat. The result is a boat that floats and runs like a single solid piece.


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