Eliminator Boat for Sale Campaign is Only US$24,694

Eliminator Boat for Sale

Eliminator Boat for Sale listed price 24,694 USD. Used Eliminator Boat for Sale is an indispensable boat for speed enthusiasts. 1989 Eliminator 232 TUNNEL boat is 23′ in length.

There is a 622-hp Mercury engine on the boat. The hull of the boat is made of Fiberglass. You will not find such beautiful and clean used Eliminator speed boats anywhere.

Eliminator Boat for Sale

The 1989 Eliminator 232 TUNNELL boat specs are great for those who want a boat that’s fast and smooth to ride. This boat features a 622HP 350 5.7 LTR Mercury engine and comes with a full marine service warranty from an accredited local dealer like Cowboys RV Marine. Other features of this boat include an open bow and a tandem axle trailer. The boat also comes with a clean title.

This boat comes with a V-drive system, and it also features an electronic ignition system. Eliminator is an American boat manufacturer based in Mira Loma, California.

They specialize in building colorful and fast-performance boats. The company has a history of producing record-breaking boats. Eliminator 30 test boat set a production boat speed record at Lake Mead, Nevada.

How Much Do Eliminator Boats Cost?

Eliminator Boats cost between $10,000 and $400,000 on average.

What Kind of Boats Does Eliminator Build?

Eliminator manufactures speed boats.

Why are Eliminator Boats Popular?

Eliminator boats have been popular lately because they produce high-performance jet boats.

What is The Best Eliminator Model?

In the company’s first year, Eliminator Boat produced 300 boats. Some of its most popular designs included the Daytona catamaran and the Eagle V-bottom boat. Until the recession struck, the company was leading the custom boat market on the West Coast.

Who Owns Eliminator Boats?

A bankruptcy sale approved by the bankruptcy court has confirmed that RevLine, LLC will purchase the business operations and certain tangible assets of Eliminator Boat. RevLine is headed by Jake Fraleigh, the general manager of Eliminator Boats, and his business partner Todd Mobraten. They are expected to purchase the company’s intellectual property and business operations for $1.5 million.

How Fast Can an Eliminator Mojave Boat Go?

Eliminator Mojave Boat top speed is 175 mph.

How Long is a Eliminator 250 Boat?

Eliminator 250 Boat length is 25 ft.

What year is the oldest Eliminator Boat?

The oldest Eliminator boat was built in 2004.

What kind of engine does an Eliminator Jet Boat have?

The Eliminator Jet boat is generally used with an outboard mercury engine.

Eliminator Boat Seats

Designed for speed and comfort, Eliminator boats have a great range of seating options. The Eliminator range includes 19 to 36-footers, as well as power catamarans and monohulls. A balsa-cored lay-up and full-length stringers give these boats an extra level of strength and stability.

Eliminator boats have taken home some major wins on the serious race circuit. One 33-foot Eliminator, for example, swept the top three spots in a 2000-km-long race down the Orinoco River in Venezuela.

Eliminator Boat Reviews

If you are looking for an Eliminator boat model, you’ve come to the right place. Eliminator’s fiberglass experts hand-laminate every hull, using high-grade resin and materials to build the hull and deck. They also do the interior work in-house. Quality control is an important part of their process.


Eliminator Boats are the epitome of custom craftsmanship and quality. Since 1969, they have set new standards for performance and quality in the recreational boating industry.

Their boats are completely customized to the individual’s specifications, from the color scheme to the graphic design and interior layout. The company is also known for its aggressive new model development and ambitious new tooling program.

The Eliminator Boat models 18 and 19 are custom-built and built in California. They feature an efficient engine that does not require crazy horsepower to make them go fast.

The 175 Pro XS engine is a good example of this efficiency. If you wanted to race the Eliminator, a Mercury Racing 200 Optimax XS would be the perfect match. And the Eliminator 21 is a stunning boat with great styling.

230 Eagle XP

This Eliminator Boat model 230 Eagle XP is a 23-foot bowrider that was professionally maintained. The boat has a Mercruiser 6.2L engine and is in great overall condition. The boat is for sale in Fresno, California for $32,500.

255 Speedster

The Eliminator Boats 255 Speedster is a medium-length outboard sport catamaran with an impressive power configuration. The boat has a six-seat cockpit and is built with a white gel-coat exterior. It features an almost merlin screen on each dashboard and two-inch shorter lower units. It can hit 115 mph in just eight seconds.

Designed with the avid speedster in mind, the Eliminator 255 Speedster offers powerful engines, custom-built components, and modern marine technology. With a top speed of over 200 mph, this boat can comfortably carry up to eight passengers.

Antique and Classic

Eliminator boats are popular in a variety of boating pursuits. They are available in classic and antique styles, and many models are ideal candidates for boat repowering projects.

They are offered at a wide variety of prices. The more expensive models can have motors rated up to 2,000 HP. However, you can also find affordable models in the $11,000 range.

Jim’s boat had been left out in the elements for quite some time, and the deteriorating wood structure was no match for the water’s saltwater environment.

He started the restoration process about six years ago, replacing every piece of wood in the boat, installing transom support, and restoring the original floor. Initially, the Eliminator had no stringers.

It was painted white with gold metal flake stripes, but Jim also used a base clear paint system to make it look as authentic as possible.


Eliminator Boat models include Bowrider and Daytona. They are available from 19 to 36 feet in length and feature full-length balsa-cored lay-ups.

The Eliminator has a history of big wins in serious racing competitions. One 33-foot model, for example, claimed three top positions in a 2000km race down the Orinoco River in Venezuela.

Eliminator has a simple philosophy. Everything is made in-house, from the hulls to the interior and exterior. The hulls are 100% hand-laminated and constructed of the best quality vinyl ester resins and strategic balsa core reinforcement materials.

Boats like the Eliminator 27 Daytona, a walk-off, and the acclaimed Daytona have an air-entrapment tunnel bowrider performance deck boat design.


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