Kennedy Craft Boats for Sale Owner Just Price $1,095

Kennedy Craft Boats for Sale

Kennedy Craft Boats for Sale just US$1,095. Used Kennedy Craft Boats for Sale whether you’re an avid sailor or simply want to spend time on the water, this craft can accommodate your needs.

These boats can be used for a variety of water activities, from fishing to sailing, and the restorer and century models are some of the most popular options. The following is a breakdown of their features and pricing.

Kennedy Craft Boats for Sale

How Much is a Kennedy Craft Boats?

Used Kennedy Craft boat average between $1,000 and $5,000.

Who Makes a Kennedy Craft Boats?

These boats are manufactured by the Kennedy Craft company.

Where is Kennedy Craft Boats Made?

Kennedy Craft Boats are manufactured in Destin, Florida, United States.

Kennedy Craft Boat History

The Kennedy family owned a Century Restorer speedboat in 1961. In a church raffle, his father won the boat, and he gave it to his son because his younger brother Robert already had one. JFK renamed the boat “RESTOFUS” after his father, Joseph Sr., who had a similar boat. The name is also a reference to his father’s family, as the boat was previously known as the “TEN KENNEDY”.


A 17-foot Century Kennedy craft boat has a rich history. President JFK had it as a gift from his father, who won it in a church raffle. The boat, which he named Restorer, was previously owned by his younger brother Robert. The boat’s name is also a tribute to JFK’s father, Joseph Sr., who also owned a Century boat. The boat is known to have a solid transom and a solid floor.


When the Japanese bomber Amagiri hit a PT-109 in the early morning hours of March 14, 1944, it was the plight of the PT-109 passengers that caused an explosion aboard the Amagiri Kennedy Craft boat.

The Japanese commander claimed that the Japanese attack on the PT boat was in response to the U.S. Navy’s call for a submarine. But a Japanese submarine captain had no such information. His crew had no idea how to operate their muffler flaps, and the PT captain was reportedly blaming Kennedy for the crash.

PT 109

During World War II, the Kennedy Craft Company built a fleet of PT 109 submarines that we’re able to engage Japanese submarines. These boats were highly advanced and were used as a mainstay of the Navy’s anti-submarine force. The PT 109 was equipped with two depth charges that were used to confuse pursuing submarines.

On one patrol, Lt. Alvin Cluster, the squadron commander of PT 109, accidentally knocked one of these depth charges through the foredeck. Prior to this incident, Cluster had asked Kennedy to give him a turn on PT 109. He had only previously worked on the older Elco 77-foot PT and had been unable to operate the newer Kennedy Craft vessel.


The Olasana Kennedy Craft boats were built in the 1960s, but are still considered one of the most beautiful wooden sailing vessels around. Using the finest materials, these boats offer comfort and reliability. Their design is reminiscent of the Kennedy boats used by the famous Navy Seals. The Olasana is a perfect blend of beauty and function. It is also highly unique in its design, with intricate details and beautiful woodworking.

Gomu Island

When the Japanese bombed the PT 109, the crew had to retreat to a safe place. The Japanese destroyer struck the craft as it was patrolling in the Blackett Strait, the southern part of Kolombangara Island. When the attack hit, the craft’s starboard side was sliced off, leaving the crew stranded in the Pacific. Over the next week, the men had many adventures, including Lt. John F. Kennedy and his fellow crew members.

Naru Island

When Kennedy craft boats visit Naru Island, visitors can experience the first-hand story of the plight of these men. The natives warned the crew of PT 109 of the impending threat of Japanese forces and paddled away with a message. Kennedy spotted the canoe hidden on Naru and towed the ship to it. When he got to the island, Kennedy cut a message from the coconut: “11 living native knows reef & posit of Naru Island, Kennedy”. He then directed the coconut to the PT base in Rendova.


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