What are Pontoon Boat Lifting Strakes?

Pontoon boat lifting strakes

Pontoon boat lifting strakes this small addition to the boat’s design can increase its speed and handling, and can also lower fuel consumption.

A lifting strake is an aluminum or fiberglass rod that goes on the bottom of the pontoon. It allows the pontoon to glide on top of the water, which reduces drag.

Pontoon boat lifting strakes

This decreases the amount of fuel used, which is good for the environment.

Depending on the type of boat you’re working with, you can install them inside or outside the pontoon.

While some strakes can be installed by the owner, it’s best to get professional help. Trying to do the job yourself can lead to expensive damages.

Lifting strakes improve the speed of a pontoon, allowing it to go faster and smoother in rough water. They’re also helpful in getting the pontoon to turn more easily.

Although they’re not a necessity for fishing or other water sports, they can make a huge difference for cruising.

What is a Lifting Strake?

A Lifting Strake is a piece of sheet metal that’s installed on the bottom or sides of a pontoon boat to deflect water and reduce drag. This improves the overall performance of the boat. It also makes the ride smoother. During a rough passage, the lift can increase your speed by up to 25%.

Lifting strakes are made from aluminum, which reduces fuel consumption. By using less fuel, you’re also not releasing any harmful fumes or chemicals into the water. They also help keep your marine life healthy.

Pontoon boats are too heavy for them to run in the water without a boost. These lifting strakes can help increase your speed and turn your boat better. You can install them yourself, but you might want to consider hiring a professional.

How to Install Lifting Strakes on a Pontoon Boat?

Adding Lifting Strakes to a Pontoon Boat can be a great way to boost speed and reduce drag. However, you should be aware of some common problems you might face with the installation.

Increased Speed

When you purchase a pontoon boat, you may want to install lifting strakes to improve its performance. These small aluminum rods are mounted on the side of the pontoon and help to lift the front of the boat off the water. It provides a smoother ride and helps the boat achieve a higher speed.

Lifting strakes may seem like a simple addition to your pontoon, but it can make a big difference. They improve the overall performance of your pontoon and increase its speed by 15% to 25%.

The first step is to consult a marine mechanic. He can guide you through the process and advise you on the number of strakes you should install. In some cases, the manufacturer offers ready-made strakes to be fitted, but in others, you might need to make some modifications.

You should also consider the angle of your strakes. This will affect the support that your pontoon will receive when it’s riding through rough waters.

Reduced Drag

Lifting straps are a great addition to your pontoon boat. They help you make turns more smoothly and allow you to glide across the water with less drag. Adding lift to your boat is a relatively inexpensive upgrade and can increase your boat’s performance and handling.

However, before installing lifting strakes, you need to understand how they work. You must choose a location for them that is appropriate for your boat. This is a delicate job that needs to be done correctly or your boat could suffer costly damages.

The angle of the lifting strakes will affect the amount of support your pontoon will need. In rough waters, the angle will also affect the way your pontoon rides. Your marine mechanic will be able to tell you where to place the equipment and how many strakes to install.

Adding lifting strakes to your pontoon boat can improve your performance and save you money on fuel. The reduced drag will reduce the amount of fuel required to achieve your desired speed.

Prevent Spray and Water from Riding Up The Hull

Ensure that water and spray do not ride up the hull of your pontoon boat by installing lifting straps. These are metal pieces that are welded onto the bottom surface of the boat. They are designed to increase lift forces to help reduce drag and increase speed.

Pontoon boats are often used for commercial and leisure activities. They have good stability and wide deck space. However, these boats are vulnerable to high winds and other water conditions. For this reason, they are prone to damage if not properly maintained.

Lifting strakes are made of aluminum and can be installed in a variety of ways. They can be fabricated in a mold or bonded to the hull.

The material used to fabricate the strakes will affect the cost of installation. Polyester straps work best, though nylon straps are also available.

Lifting strakes may run throughout the hull or be confined to the forward part of the hull. Running them in the forward part of the hull can interfere with the maneuverability of the hull at higher speeds.

How Much Speed Do Lifting Strakes Add?

Lifting strakes increase the speed of your pontoon boat by up to 15%. But they aren’t the only way to gain speed.

If you have a pontoon boat, you may be wondering how much speed you can increase by installing lifting strakes. These strakes are attached to the bottom of the pontoon, and they help to lift the pontoon off the water. They make the ride smoother and allow you to achieve top speeds more easily.

The average cost of installing lifting strakes on a pontoon boat is around two thousand dollars. This includes the cost of the strakes and the welding process. However, the total price can vary based on the amount of lifting strakes you need and the angle they are placed.

Lifting strakes have been used to improve performance in rough waters and to boost fuel efficiency in pontoon boats. They also reduce drag, which improves the overall ride.

Since less drag means less fuel is required to reach a desired speed, you save money. Also, less fuel usage means less harm to marine life.

Do Lifting Strakes Worth The Money?

Lifting strakes are a popular option for pontoon boats. They add a certain amount of lift to your boat and help it perform better. This can be particularly useful in rough conditions.

However, lifting strakes can be a big expense. Depending on how much you want to spend, they can range from $2000 to $5000. You’ll need an excellent welder to install them, so if you don’t have a lot of welding experience, it’s best to leave it to a professional.

The cost of installing lifting strakes will depend on the angle of the strakes, as well as the number of strakes you need. It’s best to choose a welder who has experience with marine installations.

Typically, the lifting strakes you’ll find on a pontoon boat are made from aluminum. These strakes will not puncture the thin pontoons.


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