Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats for Sale Just Price $20,998

Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats for Sale

Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats for Sale just payment monthly USD 138. Used Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats for Sale is 16′ in length. The primary hull material of the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch Boats is Composite. There is a 100 HP engine on the boat. The fuel type used is gasoline. This boat is rumored to be the best pontoon boat on the planet.

Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats for Sale

The 2022 Sea-Doo Switch Boats are available in different sizes, and they are available with different features. For example, the Switch pontoon uses a clear vinyl enclosure with powder-coated aluminum perimeter rails, which not only improves visibility but also makes the boat appear larger.

There are three different models available. The Base Switch is the smallest, with a capacity of 106 gallons and a maximum load capacity of 804. The 16-footer has a maximum load capacity of 1,135 pounds and is also available with a 100-horsepower engine. Its top speed is 28 mph and it weighs 2,754 pounds with the trailer.

Another great feature is the Sea-Doo Switch’s easy-to-repair panels. Unlike other boats, you can easily replace panels without having to visit a fiberglass repair shop and risk denting the aluminum frame and pontoons. You can even customize the layout of your boat and place seats as per your preferences.

The 2022 Sea-Doo Switch family features pontoon boats powered by Rotax jet propulsion systems. The Switch deck features configurable tiled surfaces that use LinQ quick-attach systems for easy setup and removal. The helm is stationary, but the rest of the boat is moveable and can be used for several different purposes.

How Much is a Sea-Doo Pontoon Boat?

Sea-Doo Pontoon Boat prices vary between 15,000 and 60,000 dollars on average.

What Makes The Sea-Doo Pontoon So Special?

Several features set the Sea-Doo Pontoon apart from the pack. These features include brakes, iBR jet drive, and ski mode. The Sea-Doo iBR jet drive allows you to steer and maneuver predictably. Lightweight and features no hydraulics.

The switch model has a PWC-like handlebar system and control levers. The throttle lever is on the right handlebar, and the brake lever controls the reverse bucket. The switch’s braking system slows the boat quickly when it approaches an obstacle.

Another feature is the Quick-Change Deck, which allows you to change from a fishing trip to a family picnic. The Sea-Doo iBR can also slow the boat, reverse it, and stop it completely. You can also control the speed with cruise control.

The Sea-Doo Switch offers a lot of features, including a fully configurable deck and iBR intelligent brake and reverse. It also comes with plenty of storage.

Its iBR technology is also helpful for the driver, as it provides navigation and helps to locate fishing holes. Its 7-inch touchscreen display provides navigation information and features fishing holes. It also features cruise control and a trim function, which helps you improve planning performance.

The Switch is also easy to operate. Its tri-hull design offers stability and agility. It also makes for easy docking.

What Are The Dimensions of a Sea-Doo Pontoon Boat?

The lengths of Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boats vary according to their models. It is 21,19,18,16 and 13 feet. Boat widths are generally 8 feet.

What are The 2022 Sea-Doo Pontoon Boats?

2022 Sea-Doo Pontoon boats are as follows;

  • Switch
  • Sport
  • Cruise

Is a Sea-Doo Switch a Pontoon Boatlift?

Yes, that’s right, Sea-Doo pontoons are the best. It has brought a new perspective to pontoon boats.

If you are a boat enthusiast, you should be aware of the benefits of a boat lift. A boat lift is an excellent way to get your boat onto a trailer. These boat lifts are great for a variety of reasons, and they can make your life much easier.

Sea-Doo Switch is a versatile pontoon and is popular with boaters of all types. Its tri-hull design ensures agility and stability for passengers. The hull also features Sea-Doo iBR, which makes docking easier.

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon Boat Review

The Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat is designed with ease in mind. It features a lightweight construction with clear vinyl sides that are secured to powder-coated aluminum rails for safety. Additionally, the pontoon is equipped with a boarding gate that is located at the bow. Some configurations also feature a rear corner boarding gate.

The Sea-Doo Switch has easy-to-handle steering and braking systems. The boat is equipped with a 100-horsepower Rotax 1630 ACE 100 jet pump or a 170-horsepower ACE170 ECT outboard engine. In addition, the switch pontoon boat has a LinQ tile floor, which allows owners to easily convert the boat from a fishing boat to a water-sports boat.

The Switch pontoon boat has an easy-to-use handlebar for steering and is equipped with iBR(r) technology. It also features a 7-inch touchscreen GPS for easy navigation and finding fishing holes. Moreover, the boat has built-in speakers and a GPS. The Switch pontoon boat also has a fully-configurable deck and seats.

The Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon Boat features brakes and an iBR (Intelligent Drive) system for improved safety. The boat also comes with a steering nozzle that is mounted behind the reverse bucket. This makes it easy to maneuver around boat launches and docks.

How Fast Does Sea-Doo Pontoon Go?

Sea-Doo pontoon boats are built with performance in mind. The Switch models have a seating capacity of five or nine people and a top speed of 44 mph. They also feature a rearview mirror, a ski mode, and quick-attach tube storage. Sea-Doo pontoon boats are lightweight and weigh only two thousand and two hundred pounds without a trailer.

Unlike many pontoon boats, Sea-Doo pontoon boats are designed to perform like a high-end jet ski. This means they are extremely easy to handle and maneuver. The Switch is particularly easy to drive thanks to its innovative hull shape.

Does Sea-Doo Make Pontoon Boats?

Sea-Doo is a leading manufacturer of personal watercraft and has a long history of providing fun on the water. With the launch of the 2022 Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat, the company is entering a new phase in its history, combining the fun of a Sea-Doo with the versatility of a pontoon platform.

The Switch family is designed to combine the free-spirited fun of the PWC lineup with the versatility and stability of a pontoon. It features a modular-tile deck that allows owners to easily move accessories and furniture around to suit their preferences. This design is aimed at luring younger first-time pontoon buyers.

Why Did They Stop Making Sea-Doo Boats?

Sea-Doo has stopped producing Boats due to the financial crisis. It started production again in 2012 with Sea-Doo Jet boats.

Sea-Doo Pontoon Fishing Boat Review

In this Sea Doo Pontoon Fishing Boat review, we’ll take a look at the Sea-Doo Switch, the Polytec trimaran hull, and the iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) system. We’ll also discuss the stability of the boat.

Sea-Doo Switch

If you love fishing, you will probably want to purchase a Sea-Doo Pontoon Fishing boat. These boats have roomy modular decks and allow you to customize their layout to fit your specific needs. Most models also come with navigation lights and jet pumps. These boats can also be winterized, similar to regular Sea-Doo PWCs.

Polytec Trimaran Hull

The Polytec trimaran hull on a Sea Doo pontoon fishing boat is built for performance and durability. It is more resistant to high-speed collisions and is easier to repair than fiberglass. Its killer looks and powerful jet propulsion system make this boat a popular choice among recreational boaters.

iBR (Intelligent Brake & Reverse) System

The iBR (Intelligent Braking & Reverse) system on the Sea-Doo Pontoon Fishing Boat helps drivers slow down the boat and regain control of the speed, without braking the craft.

The system is computer-controlled, and signals from the iBR lever go through the intelligent throttle control system to provide precise operation and maneuverability. The iBR system is also fully adjustable, with different riding modes and the ability to override it.

The iBR system is connected to the reverse gate via a threaded rod and plastic gear set. However, over time, the gear set may break. Additionally, the iBR motor is very powerful and prone to breaking.


A Sea-Doo Pontoon Fishing Boat has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Its tri-hull design adds stability to the ride, while the iBR (in-built remote control) system provides easy docking and control. These features help the boat maintain stability and a steady ride, even on rough water.


The Sea-Doo Pontoon Fishing Boat is designed to be extremely versatile. Its nimble performance is the result of the switch hull design, which is composed of two molded pontoons and one central V-bottom hull.

The switch boat is equipped with the same throttle controls and integrated braking system as other Sea-Doo models, making it the perfect combination of stability and agility.

Can The Sea-Doo Switch Go in Salt Water?

The Sea-Doo Key is a big yes. After using salt water, it must be completely cleaned.

Who Owns Sea-Doo?


Who Makes Sea-Doo Engines?

Sea-Doo makes its Engines at BRP’s factory in Gunskirchen, Austria.

How Much Does a Sea-Doo Pontoon Weigh?

Sea-Doo Pontoon boat weighs 2210 pounds.

Can You Ski Behind a Sea-Doo Switch?

If you want to ski on the Sea-Doo boat, you should choose the Switch Sport model.

How Many People Can Be On a Sea-Doo Switch?

It is suitable for carrying 7 passengers in one Sea-Doo Switch. However, the boat is capable of carrying up to 9 passengers.

Is Sea-Doo Going out of Business?

According to the Canadian company, although Sea-Doo said it will stop the production of sports boats, it continues to produce new Sea-Doo Sports boats in the 2023 model.

Sea-Doo Pontoon Boat Reviews

If you are in the market for a new pontoon boat, there are several models to consider. The Sea-Doo Switch is a great entry-level option. It has a sleek, modern design, and a very flexible layout. The Sea-Doo Switch is also well-equipped for a day at the lake.

Sea-Doo Switch

One of the first pontoon boats on the market, the Sea-Doo Switch has a PWC-like handlebar system and control levers. The throttle is controlled on the right handlebar lever, while the brake lever controls the reverse bucket.

This brake system allows for precise handling and is unique among pontoon boats. You can easily stop this pontoon boat by simply pressing the brake lever at the desired speed.

One of the biggest benefits of a Sea-Doo Switch pontoon boat is its ease of docking. It is easy to use and can be customized to fit your needs. This product is an excellent choice for a young family looking to get into the boating market.

Sea-Doo Switch Sport

The Switch pontoon has an all-new look and features that make it stand out from the crowd. Its jet propulsion system and high-power Rotax 1630 ACE engine give it a level of excitement and maneuverability that is rarely seen in pontoon boats. The Switch also features a storage box, cooler, pop-up LinQ cleats, cup holders, and rail-mount accessories, such as fenders and board racks.

The Switch Sport lineup features three model options, ranging in length from 13 to 21 feet. These models feature various amenities and features that make them the perfect boat for a family outing.

The 13-foot base model features a 170 Hp naturally aspirated Rotax engine. Its short hull and responsive throttle make it a blast to drive. It even comes with a high-quality trailer that you can rent from a dealer.

Sea-Doo Switch Cruise

The Sea-Doo Switch is a plastic tri-toon boat with a Jet Drive system and Rotax engine. This system is more efficient than a traditional stern-mounted propeller and is also safer than traditional exposed propellers.

This model is also equipped with PWC handlebars for easy control and navigation. In addition, the boat’s configuration allows for comfortable outdoor seating, which can be adjusted according to individual preferences.

The Switch cruise is an excellent choice for performance-minded boat owners, with its sporty feel and responsive throttle. This boat can reach speeds up to 46 mph and has a ski-eye. The boat also includes in-floor storage and has standard amenities like a swim platform.

Sea-Doo Switch Bimini

If you are looking for a pontoon boat that can handle long rides, the Sea-Doo Switch is a good choice. This model features removable panels, which makes it easy to clean or replace if needed.

Has clear vinyl siding, which will not yellow or discolor with time. It also reduces weight and improves visibility. Moreover, you can move your seats anywhere on the boat without worrying about your position.

The Sea-Doo Switch family uses a proven jet pump that uses an axial-flow design. Moreover, the impeller is enclosed in the center pontoon, so there is no exposed propeller. Another advantage of this model is that it is designed with a brake and reverse system.


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