Simmons Boats for Sale Just Payment Monthly $455

Simmons Boats for Sale

Simmons Boats for Sale just 59,999 USD. There is a Used Simmons Boats for Sale 250 HP Mercury outboard engine. Simmons Boats for sale hull material is fiberglass. The 2013 Simmons R24 boat model is 24′ ft and is gasoline-powered.

Simmons Boats for Sale

The Simmons Boats for sale R24 is one of the premium go-anywhere fishing platforms on the market. Its triple-stepped chines and superb fit and finish make it a perfect choice for fishing enthusiasts.

Its comfortable seating area accommodates multiple anglers, and it includes in-deck storage. The boat’s design is suitable for competitive explorers, and its hull makes it ideal for fishing on lakes and rivers.

The Recon console has ample storage and features. Its spacious interior is perfect for spotting big reds in shallow flats.

It has four rod holders on each side and a flat rigging station at the front. There is also a washdown and vacuum system, and the boat can accommodate a large number of passengers.

What Does SCB Boat Stand for?

The SCB S-24 is an outstanding fishing boat. It has an air-entrapment-stepped hull and a spacious deck layout. It can easily navigate shallow flats and be a dominating force on open, choppy waters. The company also has a number of other models.

Where are The SCB Boats Built?

SCB Boats are manufactured in South Padre Island, Texas.

SCB boats are built using advanced technology. They feature “RIB-CAGE” stringers and a double-step construction process. The hulls are bonded to the top deck, which helps minimize twist.

The boats are also built with a custom, intelligent design. The SCB Boat company is backed by three generations of boat building experience, so you can rest assured that your boat will be built to the highest standards.

Who Owns Simmons Boats?

Eric Simmons, Owner of Simmons Boats Company.

What is a Simmons Sea-Skiff?

A Simmons Sea-Skiff is a small sailboat. This type of boat was first built by T.N. Simmons in his back yard in the late 1940s. He went on to build more than 1,000 of these boats in his lifetime.

At its peak, he built a boat a week, custom finishing each one for a specific buyer. However, he refused to mass-produce his boats for profit, saying that it wouldn’t be fun to build the same boat over again.

Originally, Simmons built his boats without plans, using jigs and patterns to build the boat. His designs were so successful that they were copied all over the world.

In fact, some of his copies were even used by local fishermen in Mexico. But even though they are now available, they are still expensive to build. In addition, a Simmons Sea Skiff can take years to build.

A Simmons Sea-Skiff is a flat-bottomed wooden boat that is designed for fishing and trolling. Its flat bottom and a semi-V-shaped bow makes it extremely maneuverable in rough water. The Simmons Sea Skiff is a popular choice for offshore fishing.

What Kind of Boat is The 2011 Simmons Stingray?

The 2011 Simmons Stingray is a center console boat class.

What is Simmons Boats Top Speed?

Simmons Boats Top Speed is 107 MPH.

Simmons Boat Repair

David Simmons has been in the boating industry for over 30 years, and is a native of Ohio and a long time resident of coastal California. He has extensive experience as a diesel and engine mechanic and enjoys spending time with his family, riding his Harley, volunteering in his community, and working on boats. He firmly believes that if you love something, go after it.


Insurance for Simmons Boat Repair can help you get the repair work you need done on your boat without having to worry about the cost.

These policies can cover labor, towing, and a loaned battery if your vessel is in an accident. If you are unsure about what your insurance coverage covers, you should consult your agent at the Fred Simmons Insurance Agency.


Licensing for Simmons Boat Repair has been suspended following a criminal case involving the owner of the boat repair business. The case stems from an investigation by the Maine Marine Patrol.

It found that Simmons was fishing without a buoy for his lobster traps. Under Maine law, a buoy is needed to identify the owner of a trap, and it also allows the Marine Patrol to inspect the traps. Because of the investigation, Simmons was forced to stop fishing and lose his licenses.


Simmons Boat Repair is a local company that provides service for boats and other watercraft. The business was founded in 1985 and is based in Conway, South Carolina. It is part of the Boat Dealers industry and employs eight people. The business also provides parts and service for boats.

Simmons Boat Reviews

Those who enjoy fishing have a number of different options for their watercraft, and many customers have had great experiences with Simmons boats.

The company is based in Freemont, Texas, and builds custom vessels that are perfect for fishing and racing. These craft feature fiberglass hulls that conform to a catamaran shape for exceptional seaworthiness and maneuverability.

The Simmons Sea Skiff has a shallow V-hull and a flat stern. It weighs 650 pounds and can reach up to 30 mph with a 50-horsepower inboard motor.

Its bow is narrow, but it can handle the waves of coastal waters. It also has a raked transom/inboard motor well that helps ride the waves. Its stern has complete access to the water, and it tracks well when trolling.


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