Stamas Boats for Sale $593 Monthly Payments *1995

Stamas Boats for Sale

Stamas Boats for Sale only just 89,900 dollars. Used Stamas Boats for Sale are in the class of motor yachts. The fuel type used by the 1995 Stamas 360 Express Model boat is diesel. The hull material of the boat is made of fiberglass. It is powered by a 440 HP engine on a 36′ length boat.

Stamas Boats for Sale

Stamas boats for sale are built to withstand tough seas and conditions, ensuring that the owners can fish for many years to come. As a family-run company, the company does not sell or support a shady corporate entity. This gives the customer peace of mind.

Also, Stamas boats are heavier than most other boat builders, reducing vibration and eliminating hollow drumming when hitting the waves. Many customers have commented that their Stamas boats are more stable than other boats that are lighter.

How Much is a Stamas Boats?

Stamas Boats are between $25,000 and $700,000.

Who Makes a Stamas Boats?

As the nation’s oldest family-run boatbuilder, Stamas has been producing boats since 1938.

Where are Stamas Boats Made?

Stamas Boats are manufactured in Florida in the city of TARPON SPRINGS.

The History of Stamas Boats

The history of Stamas boats started when Nicholas G. Stamas, then 10 years old, was asked to build a dinghy with his brother. The resulting dinghy filled with water. Stamas and his brother Peter were so proud of their work that their mother asked a fisherman to break it up by kicking and stomping on the nails. Years later, Stamas and his brother Peter founded Stamas Yacht and sold tens of thousands of boats throughout the world.

After Pete and Nick learned how to build a boat, the Stamas brothers began building them. In the late 1930s, they started building boats from 18 feet to 39 feet, from offshore cruising vessels to sport fishing vessels. Since the beginning, the Stamas family has owned and operated the marine company. This has made Stamas one of the oldest continuously-owned boat builders in the United States. Regardless of their size, Stamas yachts are built to last.

Stamas Boats Parts

Stamas boats are made in molds, which remain in the boat after the layup process is complete. The boat is cured before it is removed, retaining its design shape. Stamas boats have wide chines and a curved windshield with sharp edges. Each part of the boat is designed to work with the other parts of the boat, making them durable and easy to maintain. They are also built with durable aluminum frames and a seven-year structural warranty.

The 31-foot Stamas 310 Tarpon is an offshore fishing vessel, built for serious fishermen. Its robust construction, dual 150 Mercury engines, and top-notch fit-and-finish make it an ideal fishing craft. Whether you’re targeting sharks or bass, the 310 Tarpon has everything you need for a successful fishing trip. Whether you want to catch big fish or just cruise the lake, Stamas boats are built to last.

Stamas Boats Reviews

There are several different models of Stamas boats. This article will focus on the 370 Aegean, 250 Tarpon, 33T Aventura, and 31T Aventura. While the models themselves are similar, they have distinct differences in style and performance. To determine which one is right for you, read our Stamas boat reviews below. You may also be interested in learning more about the company’s history and current boat line.

Stamas 370 Aegean

The Stamas 370 Aegean is an outstanding center console fishing vessel. It has the look and feel of a traditional diesel sportfish, but has a full feature layout for comfort and fishability. Its cabin offers a comfortable settee and bunks for the entire family, as well as a full kitchen with all the amenities necessary to cook and prepare food. It also offers a sink and freshwater faucet for fishing tackle.

Stamas 250 Tarpon

If you want a fishing boat that can handle all kinds of species, look no further than the Stamas 250 Tarpon. This multispecies fishing machine features a large bait tank, spacious deck space, and a full head and holding tank. In addition to its many great features, the Stamas also boasts excellent resale value. In fact, according to Stamas’s website, this model is one of the best values in the market.

Stamas 33T Aventura

If you are considering buying a new boat, read Stamas 33T Aventura boat review to learn more about this new model. The Stamas line of boats has changed significantly over the past few years, and the 33T Aventura is no exception. The new model has a new hull design, with 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom, and a curvaceous flare forward. The boat also has closed-cell flotation, a robust and quiet hull, and updated seating and hinges. Moreover, the boat features new tooling for an uncluttered look and feel.

Stamas 31T Aventura

The 31-foot Stamas 31T Aventura is designed for offshore fishing expeditions and is based on the popular Tarpon Series. The boat comes with an elevated bow platform that is ideal for cast-netting bait. Its interior offers ample elbow room and is equipped with plenty of storage and tackle boxes. It also features a transom console, which folds down for easy storage. The interior is well-appointed with fold-out seating and storage and is equipped with a freshwater sink and fresh water faucet.

Stamas 310 Express

If you’re looking for a high-quality, reliable, and spacious boat for your fishing adventures, consider the Stamas 310 Express. It features a well-appointed cabin, a large cockpit, and outstanding off-shore handling. Powered by twin Yamaha four-stroke engines with over 550 hours and professionally maintained, the Stamas 310 Express has a cruising speed of 25 mph and a top speed of 38 mph.

Stamas 370 Tarpon

Stamas 370 Tarpon boat reviews are plentiful, but one common theme was the strong performance of the Stamas 370. It boasts a single diesel engine with good gas mileage and a seven-year structural warranty. In addition, the large open transom is convenient for swimming, fishing, and diving. These boat reviews also mention the amenities found on board, including the comfortable helm seat and curved windshield.


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