Wesmac Boats for Sale Just Payment Monthly $9,825

Wesmac Boats for Sale

Wesmac Boats for Sale just payment monthly 9,825 USD. Used Wesmac Boats for Sale is 46′ in length. The main hull material of the 2022 Wesmac Boats is fiberglass. There is an 850 HP engine on the boat. The fuel type used is diesel. This boat is rumored to be the best sea boat on the planet.

A few years ago, Linda Greenlaw was a successful fisherman and workboat broker. She wanted a new Wesmac boat with more speed and space for her gear. After putting her name on a list to build a new vessel, she discovered a two-year wait to receive her new craft.

Wesmac Boats for Sale

But the wait turned out to be a blessing in disguise: a retired engineer from the Rappahannock River had commissioned Wesmac to build a new hull design combining the hard chines of fast deadrise hulls and the streamlined lines of built-down hulls.

While the current lineup of Wesmac boats includes all the familiar hull types and styles, they are also highly customizable and offer a wide range of power systems, including inboard and diesel propulsion.

The Downeast model of Wesmac is particularly popular, with its large draft and wide beam making it suitable for many different types of boating activities. With its wide beam and high speed, the Downeast is a great boat for a wide range of activities.

How Much are a Wesmac Boats?

Wesmac boats cost between $250,000 and $7,000,000.

Who Makes a Wesmac Boats?

Wesmac company manufactures this boat.

Where are Wesmac Boats Made?

Where are Wesmac Boats Made?

Wesmac Boat Review

This Wesmac boat review examines the 42, a Downeast-deadrise hybrid. This traditionally beautiful boat sails easily and runs fast. In this Wesmac boat review, we’ll look at some of the main features and differences between the four different Wesmac boats. Whether you’re looking for a new cruising boat or just a nice way to spend your weekends, we’ve got a review for you!

Wesmac 42

This Wesmac 42 boat review is a classic Downeast/deadrise hybrid. It sails easily and runs fast, yet it maintains stability in rough water. The hull design is tailored for speed, rather than a sloppy slalom. A pair of twin engines allows for increased performance. The hull design also helps the boat run without too much roll. In short, the Wesmac 42 is an excellent all-around boat.

The hull design and construction of the Wesmac are well known and adaptable to a variety of purposes. The Downeast model is particularly popular due to its deep draft and wide beam.

This makes it ideal for many activities. A downcast boat is designed for fishing and other traditional activities. The Wesmac 42 is no different. The hull design offers the best of both worlds – comfort and efficiency. The company’s boats have been used by professionals and amateurs alike in a variety of settings.


The Hubris is a sportfishing vessel with a 40-foot green stick and elaborate stainless steel structure. It also features two hydraulic bandit reels, a pair of outriggers, and a center rigger. It also has seventeen swivel rod holders and a custom “rocket launcher” rod holder. A full steering station is available on the Hubris, and its interior is outfitted with a refrigerated fish hold and a bait freezer below the sole.

42 Wesmac/Bradley Boat Flybridge Cruiser

If you’re interested in a used Wesmac/Bradley Boat Flybridge Cruiser 42, you’ve come to the right place. The company has been building watercraft for over 30 years. Their customers include law enforcement officials, research labs, and hard-core recreational boaters. The FlyBridge Cruiser 42, as well as many other models, is available for sale on YachtWorld.

The Flybridge is accessed from the port forward salon and exterior stairs on the starboard deck. The Pilothouse is extended with an aft deck and equipment controls. The sole is made of fiberglass over plywood and is in excellent condition for a boat of this age. The Flybridge is perfect for a research group and is accessed from exterior steps on the starboard deck.


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