Are There Any World War 2 PT Boats Left?

Are There Any World War 2 PT Boats Left

Are There Any World War 2 PT Boats Left? if you think there are currently only four war veteran PT boots in the US. It’ll give you an idea of what these wartime boats were used for.

While they were not as opulent as their American counterparts, the boats were nonetheless extremely capable of fighting. The size of these crafts makes them superior to anything else in their size class.

Are There Any World War 2 PT Boats Left

While the original PT boat was used to combat Japanese surface craft, it also performed many other roles. Besides attacking surface craft, they could also lay mines and smoke screens, coordinate air-sea rescue operations, and rescue survivors from shipwrecks.

In addition, the PTs were used as gunboats against enemy small craft. They were also used to destroy floating mines and Japanese suicide boats.

During World War II, PT boats served as a key part of naval warfare. They were used by the United States Navy to fight the Japanese and were the most important weapons during the war.

PT boats had an incredible capacity to fight, and even when they were attacked, they were able to strike back with torpedoes and sink them. Many of these vessels were used as patrol boats and were used to take down tens of tons of enemy shipping.

Are There Any Elco PT Boats Left?

Is PT-305, PT-615, or PT-41 still on the market? If so, they will make a great investment. But if you want to buy a boat, you should know that not all Elco PT Boats are equal. You’ll find out what makes these boats unique and why they are so valuable. This article will give you a good starting point for looking for a used PT boat for sale.


The Elco PT-305 served in the Mediterranean from 1944 to 1945. Assigned to Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron 22, she operated along the coast of northern Italy and southern France.

In addition to its combat roles, the PT-305 was used as a diversionary force in the Gulf Juan and as an anti-E-boat screen in the port of Nice. The Elco PT-305 was a rare sight in World War II, but its sailor-manned design and unsurpassed range were essential in ensuring the success of the campaign.

In addition to its use in the Gulf War, the Elco PT-305 was used in the production of five films starring James Caan. This film, PT-109, featured five Elco 80-foot boats converted from Air Force crash rescue boats.

The 85-foot boats, which were powered by twin Packard engines, were also used in McHale’s Navy TV series. As of 2016, only three of the Elco PT-305s are known to exist.


The Elco PT-615 was an 80-foot sailing vessel that was originally assigned to the MTBRON 42. After the war, the PT-615 was returned to Elco and heavily modified for use as a yacht.

The actor Clark Gable leased the yacht and renamed it Tarbaby VI. The yacht was used by the actor through the 1950s before being put up for sale. The Elco’s stored the boat in Kingston, NY.

The Huckins PT-615 was built with a Quadraconic hull design that improved the boat’s strength. The Huckins yard was late in the PT boat program, so they had to produce the boats at a civilian facility at a rate of one per month.

Nevertheless, they proved to be a reliable and useful tool for the war effort, and many lower-numbered U.S. Navy squadrons were made up of Elco boats.


The PT-41 was a motor torpedo boat of the PT-20 class built by the Electric Launch Company in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Originally laid down as the Motor Boat Submarine Chaser PTC-21, the torpedo boat was reclassified before launch. It was commissioned on 8 July 1941. The PT-41 served as the patrol torpedo boat during World War II.

In 1944, the PT-41 took part in the evacuation of General Douglas MacArthur, Mme MacArthur, Arthur, and their Chinese nurse.

The PT-41 also rescued Capt. Harold G. Ray, LTC Sidney L. Huff, and Maj. C.H. Morehouse from the island of Corregidor, which the Japanese had captured. It later served as a support vessel in Mindanao.

How Many PT Boats Are Left in the World?

There are very few PT boats in existence. You can find two fully restored models at the Battleship Cove in Fall River, Mass. The National WWII Museum has restored PT 305 to full operating condition and offers tours of Lake Ponchartrain aboard the historic vessel.

In addition to its exhibits, the museum offers a 45-minute ride on the boat. These boats are the most famous of all PT boats.

The PT is the fastest warship on the water. It combines speed and knockout power. The PT has taken on everything from battleships to canoes to enemy tanks and trucks.

One of its most satisfying tasks has been shooting down enemy planes. Its speed and maneuverability allow it to attack anywhere. It can also be used for training. However, its size is not enough. There are fewer than 200 PT boats in the world.

Elco and Higgins companies both built PT boats during World War II. The Elco PT boat was 80 feet long. Higgins built 199 or 205 PT boats by the end of the war. As far as the number of PT boats is concerned, only a small handful of these crafts are still in existence. And these boats were not cheap to build, either.

Even though they are expensive to purchase, PT boats still maintain their value in the marketplace. Their hull construction makes them remarkably light, strong, and well-armored.

The PT has less than a six-foot draft, making it a perfect candidate for shallow water cruising. In normal conditions, seven times the depth of the water is sufficient.

What Were WW2 PT Boats Made Of?

What Were WW2 PT Boats Built Of? – An enlightening and entertaining look at PT boats, from their humble beginnings to their colossal wartime size.

In this article, we’ll learn all about the material and construction of these famous wartime boats, and discover what you can expect to find on one of these vessels. While these boats were often made from 5 cm mahogany, the actual composition and construction of a WW2 PT boat vary.

The PT boat hulls of World War II were developed by two companies, the first of which was Higgins Industries. They were used in the beach landings in Normandy and the island hopping campaign in the Pacific.

There were 199 PT boats built by Higgins, and they all had the same dimensions: beam, full load displacement, shaft horsepower, trial speed, and armament. The PT boats were so successful that many PT squadrons of the U.S. Navy were made up of these boats.

How Many PT Boats Were Lost in WW2?

A total of 69 PT Boats were lost in WW2. As one of the most versatile types of warships, PT boats proved their capabilities against the Japanese. Their powerful guns were credited with the first Japanese kill during the war, and the PT boats had only 29 in the Navy when the war started.

PT boats were used for many missions, including Gen. Douglas MacArthur’s two-day trip out of the Philippines. They were also used to transport US troops, including Lt. John D. Bulkeley.

Despite their tough exterior, PT boats were also capable of enduring tremendous battle damage. Future President John F. Kennedy’s PT-109 survived a kamikaze attack on the Philippine Islands in 1944. Other PT boats did not fare nearly as well.

On 10 December 1944, PT-323 (Elco) was cut in half by a kamikaze plane. During a night mission in the Mediterranean, PT-308 (Higgins) had her stern ripped off by a collision with PT-304. Fortunately, it returned to the base to repair.


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