Chrysler Boats for Sale Just Payment Monthly $197

Chrysler Boats for Sale

Chrysler Boats for Sale just 29,899 USD. There is a Used Chrysler Boats for Sale 90 HP Mercury outboard engine. Chrysler Boat for Sale hull material is fiberglass. The 1970 Chrysler Charger 15 boat model is 15′ ft and is gasoline-powered.

Chrysler Boats for Sale

Did Chrysler Make Boats?

Chrysler Corporation entered the boating industry in the mid-1960s. They made sailboats and small powerboats.

Their marine engines were considered among the best in the world. Engines were equipped with special cooling systems and forged manganese alloy connecting rods.

Designed for a smooth ride, their engines also had a water-jacketed exhaust manifold. In the 1940s, they had about 40 percent of the marine engine market.

The company also produced special versions of its car engines for industrial use. After launching its first sailboat, the Buccaneer, in 1971, the company also introduced a line of high-performance racers.

By the late 1970s, the company was experiencing financial problems and sold its marine division. Its outboard division had been head-to-head with Evinrude and Johnson.

What Years Did Chrysler Make Boats?

Chrysler was a major manufacturer of marine engines. They made a wide variety of boats. The Conqueror 105 was one of their most popular models. It was also the first Chrysler boats for sale to feature rack and pinion steering.

The company had a large network of dealers. In fact, in 1973, the Marine Products Group achieved record sales.

It also introduced a new design, the “Hydro-Vee,” which is a deep V hull with sponsors. A rigid polyurethane foam poured between the hull and the floor made the boat much stronger and quieter.

Boats were built at the factory in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. In 1969, the Marine Division sold 46 different models.

Chrysler made boats for a wide range of users, including fishermen and cruisers. Most were designed for fishing. Some models were designed for overnighters and daysailers. Also, a wide variety of runabouts were offered.

What You Need to Know About Chrysler Boats Models

When looking for the perfect boat to buy, you can choose from some great models made by Chrysler Boats. These include Wellcraft, Lonestar, Texas Marine, and Chris Craft. Here are some things to know about these models.


The Lonestar Chrysler boat models were built by Lonestar, a sailboat maker, until 1965 when it was purchased by Chrysler. It was then named the Chrysler Boat Corporation. In 1966, it changed its name to Chrysler Lone Star.

The Lonestar Chrysler Boats models are classically designed. They are constructed of aluminum and have smooth seams created by stripped-punching.

The boats are made to be unsinkable. They are equipped with UV blockers and sealed to avoid leaks.

Chris Craft

Chris Craft has been a legendary American boat manufacturer for 148 years. The company is known for its exquisite details and luxurious materials.

Its boats were often made from mahogany. In 1957, the company added a metal division. During the World War II period, it built small patrol boats for the U.S. Navy. Later, the company was acquired by NAFI Corporation.

The Stinger series was a line of high-performance boats. Its deep-V hulls and construction techniques were designed for big water.

The models in the series ranged from 20 to 41 feet. These boats were available in both single and twin V-8 sterndrives. They became popular on the water.

Dick Genth

During his time as president and CEO of Wellcraft Marine, Dick Genth managed to resuscitate the brand and revamp its lineup of boats.

The company’s line-up included a variety of runabouts, as well as cuddy cabin overnighters. In addition, the company benefited from the support of a large dealer network, and several outboard motors produced by Chrysler.

In the late 1970s, Chris Craft was on the decline financially and had to look for new sources of income. That is until Genth stepped in.

By the end of his first year, annual sales had risen from $2 million to $44 million. This wasn’t exactly a feat, but it did mark a turning point.


Ilmor Marine is the high-performance marine division of Ilmor, Inc. They design and build marine engines for racing boats. The company entered the marine world in 2002.

After establishing itself as a top engineering company in the Indycar world, the company entered the marine market in 2002.

Since then, the company has made significant progress in the high-performance marine engine game.

Ilmor began by designing race engines for the SuperCat Offshore Racing Series. Later, the company entered the Baja Desert Race Series and the USAC Midget racing series.

Texas Marine

Chrysler Boats were the best sellers in the boating industry in the 1970s. These were light, high-performance boats, and aimed at fishermen. A variety of models were offered. The hulls and engines were made by Chrysler Corporation.

This was the first time that Chrysler built a complete package of a boat, motor, and trailer. Chrysler Marine boats used rack and pinion steering. They also featured metallic vinyl coverings.

Chrysler’s “Hydro-Vee” hull design was a deep V with sponsors to improve lateral stability. There were six different hull sizes to choose from.

Texas Marine International, a new company created by a group of former Chrysler executives, was formed to focus on the sailboat market. However, the boating market crashed in the late 1970s, and the company failed.


Wellcraft Chrysler Boats models are a variety of powerboats and sailing boats. They are designed to meet the needs of serious anglers and boaters.

Their hulls are built to be strong, quiet, and highly seaworthy. Many of them boast outstanding performance and luxury. You’ll find excellent horsepower, great seating layouts, plenty of storage, and a beautiful interior.

In the 1970s, Chrysler sold four sailboat models. One model, the Buccaneer, was a swing keel boat. Another, the Andretti, was a single-engine model.

The third, the Champion, was a performance sailboat. These were built by Sportco, which was owned by Chrysler and made sailboats until 2007.

In 1980, the company decided to expand its business outside the auto industry. Chrysler sold its sailboat operation to Texas Marine International. This was a company formed by ex-Chrysler executives.


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