Hewes Boats for Sale Final Price $79,970 *2022 Model

Hewes Boats for Sale

Hewes Boats for Sale pay only 679 USD per month. Used Hewes Boats for Sale has all the main positives to the category of fishing boats. Hewes Boats hull material is fiberglass. The 2022 Hewes RED FISHER 19 GTX boat model is 21′ ft and is gasoline-powered. There is a 250-hp Yamaha engine on the boat.

The Hewes Redfisher 21 builds on the success of its predecessors, the Redfisher 16 and Redfisher 18. With a length of 21 feet and 6 inches, it looks like a flats boat but offers all-around fishing capabilities in the backcountry and nearshore waters.

Hewes Boats for Sale

It features a 50-gallon fuel tank, which translates into a longer range, and comes standard with a 44-gallon live well. An optional 40-gallon release well is also available.

Other notable features include a high-tech windshield, tilt steering, and a six-color Gelcoat palette. There are also options for a two-tone treatment and custom colors for the deck and seats.

Built with a VARIS system, the Hewes Redfisher 21 is a powerful fishing boat. Its 350 horsepower rating will help you catch fish quickly and return to the dock in time for the weigh-in. It also features walk-around gunwales and a huge casting deck, which means it will accommodate multiple anglers at the same time.

There’s enough room in the cockpit to accommodate two crew members and two anglers. The helm seat is positioned centerline, making it easy for the operator and one or two passengers to sit in comfort.

In addition, the console has ample storage space for a 35-gallon cooler and two 9-foot fly rods. It can even be equipped with a 36-volt, 120-pound-thrust trolling motor and a shallow-water anchor.

Where is Hewes Boats Made?

Hewescraft has been manufacturing high-quality aluminum fishing boats for over 70 years. These boats continue to be produced in the place where they were first produced years ago. – Colville, Washington

Are Hewes Boats Kevlar Hull?

In some models, it is produced in a kevlar body structure.

How Much Does a 2006 Hewes Redfisher Boat Weight?

2006 Hewes Redfisher Boat weight 895 lbs.

What Paint Do They Use on Hewes Craft Boats?

Hewescraft only uses marine-grade vinyl flooring and interior paint to finish off its boats so that they stay clean and are easy to maintain.

Use the right paint and you shouldn’t have any issues with performance or warranty. Paint manufacturers make special undercoats for non-metallic aluminum bodies. Not common as most aluminum boats are rear towed but it’s out there somewhere.

Sea Hawk’s Mission Bay series paints. HewesCrafts recommends using their authorized service.

Who Owns Hewes Boats?

This family business inherited from the father of Dave Hewes and his brother Bill Hewes, today produces boat models ranging from 16 to 26 feet with 144 employees.

Hewes Flats Boat

The Hewes Flats Boat is a super shallow draft skiff, which is perfect for fishing in shallow areas. The company has two models of fiberglass flats boats, the Hewes Tarpon and Hewes Wildcat. The Hewes Tarpon is still on display at the boatyard as a historical model.

Flats boats vary in size, from fifteen to twenty-two feet. They are designed to be poled in shallow waters, and most are capable of carrying up to four passengers. Most flats boats have comfortable cushioned seating, making them an ideal choice for family outings, casual fishing, or general cruising.

A Review of the Hewes Craft Boat

The Hewes Craft Boat has a long history of building sport fishing boats. They manufacture aluminum fishing boats for freshwater and saltwater environments, including bowrider boats and center console boats.

They also offer cabin cruiser boats, with lengths ranging up to 26 feet. The boats feature state-of-the-art boat design and a high level of craftsmanship at their Colville, Washington, production facility.

If you are looking for a boat for fishing in the Pacific Northwest, the Hewes Craft Boat is the best choice. These boats are built by a master craftsman and feature top-quality materials like stainless steel screws, bolts, and wood.

A Hewes Craft boat can be purchased for 2,000 dollars or more, depending on the features and options that you want. These boats are well-equipped for recreational fishermen, but you can also purchase a more luxurious model for those who want a little extra luxury. Some models even include air conditioning, GPS, and stereo.

The Hewes Craft Boat is one of the most popular models among fishermen in Alaska. With an aggressive deep-v hull design, these boats provide excellent stability, even in rough waters. They also come with hardtops or canvas soft tops for those who need them. They are constructed with aluminum hulls to make them lighter and stronger than their fiberglass counterparts. This allows for higher fuel efficiency and ease of towing.

Hewes Bay Boat and Redfisher 21 Fishing Boats

The Hewes Bay Boat is a great choice for those looking for a fishing vessel that is easy to maneuver, fast, and easy to store. This brand has been synonymous with fishing boats for shallow waters since the 1950s.

The boats are designed for speed and agility and are generally 16 to 21 feet in length. The Hewes brand boats are now manufactured by the Maverick Boat Company.

Hewes craft boats are extremely reliable and come with a 70+ year history. Their boats are made using advanced construction techniques and the highest quality materials.

They are bulletproof and made with safety in mind. These boats are designed specifically for fishing bays, passes, and inlets. They are easy to handle and will keep you and your fishing partners safe.

The Redfisher 21 is another fishing boat from Hewes. This boat features a wide casting deck and walkaround gunwales. Features tons of lockable dry storage. Has a 12-inch electronics unit that can be mounted flush.

Comes with a console seat with backrest and stowage compartments for a 35-quart cooler, nine-foot fly rods, and more. It can also be equipped with a 36-volt 120-pound-thrust trolling motor and shallow water anchor.

The Redfisher 21 is a dependable boat for tournament fishing. It weighs 2,850 pounds and draws 14 inches. It can accommodate up to 350 horsepower, but most customers choose the Yamaha F300 or VMax 250 outboard.

These engines provide excellent acceleration and top-end speed while maintaining a mid-30 cruising speed. The boat can get four-plus mpg, and the 50-gallon fuel tank allows you to reach up to 160 miles on a single tank.

What to Look For in a Hewes Boat Cover?

Carver is a top-notch manufacturer of Hewes boat covers. They are based in Landrum, South Carolina, and use the latest technology in production. With over 30 years of experience, they know what it takes to make boat covers that will last a lifetime. When shopping for a boat cover, be sure to take the time to properly measure your vessel.

Fabric is another important factor to consider when buying a boat cover. The type of fabric that you choose will affect its longevity and performance. For example, if you live in a humid climate, you might consider a fabric that breathes. Alternatively, if you live outside or in a sheltered location, you might want to consider a fabric that’s heavy and dust-resistant.

Hewes Fishing Boat

Hewes Fishing Boats has earned a reputation for ruggedness. Their safety features include a floatation foam bottom and a reinforced steel frame.

They can be ordered with outboard or gas fuel systems and are designed for fishing, day cruising, or other recreational activities. The Hewes line of boats includes fishing boats for all tastes and abilities.

The Redfisher 21 is the latest in the line of Hewes Fishing Boats. It builds on the legendary Redfisher 16 with an all-new design. This 21-footer is perfect for nearshore and inshore fishing. It has an average beam and deep draft, making it ideal for a variety of fishing styles.

Today, Bob Hewes Boats sells three to four times more boats than it did during the 80s. It is one of the largest boat retailers in the United States and has a wide selection of boats.

Hewes Boat Reviews

This Hewes boat review will look at how the company Redfisher 18 performs in a variety of conditions. The boat has received some updates over the years, such as shifting the weight distribution for better balance, a redesigned console with flush-mounting electronics, and an upgraded switch panel with LED lighting.

While some of these changes are purely cosmetic, the features that make the boat a great fishing vessel remain the same. For instance, the boat comes with a single Yamaha F115 four-stroke outboard and a standard 13.5″ x 19″ three-bladed stainless steel prop.

Hewescraft is a Legendary Flats Boat

When it comes to flats fishing, few boats can hold a candle to the legendary Hewescraft. The company’s boat designs have earned many awards, including the Men’s Journal “Perfect Things” list. There have been more world records caught in shallow water on a Hewes boat than any other brand. In addition, Hewes craft boats are built with safety in mind.

Hewescraft has been in the business for over 60 years. Their boats have been the #1 selling boats on the West Coast, and their reputation speaks for itself. Hewescraft boats are so well-designed and built that some people even own heirlooms.

A Great Backcountry Boat

The Hewes Boat is a versatile and sturdy boat, perfect for backcountry fishing. Its construction is unique, using a vacuum infusion process. This process reduces weight and increases strength. This results in a lighter, stiffer boat that is still stable and surprisingly comfortable to paddle.

The Redfisher 16 is the most popular Hewes Boat backcountry boat. It runs shallow, has a large fuel capacity, and offers 115-hp power options. It is also easy to trailer and pole and provides a comfortable family boat with a quiet, dry ride.

Easy to Maintain

When you’re looking for a great boat for your next fishing adventure, consider buying a Hewes Boat. The company is dedicated to creating easy-to-maintain boats that will last for years to come. They use an advanced vacuum infusion process to create stronger and stiffer boats. This makes them much easier to propel and tow, and it makes them more efficient in the water.

The hull of a Hewes Boat is made from quality aluminum alloys, which have ten times the shear strength of fiberglass. It’s also up to one-third lighter than a fiberglass boat. And, the hull is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind.

Built to Last

If you are looking for a boat that will stand the test of time, you should consider a Hewes Boat. This boat is made by a company that is dedicated to building quality boats. The company currently builds all model lines and delivers up to 14 boats a week on a single shift. They employ around 100 people and splash test each hull in an onsite pool to check for leaks.

The company started in Colville, Washington, when Bob Hewes came home from World War II and wanted to build fishing boats for his friends. He bought scrap materials from a junk dealer and started building boats with friends. After building the first three boats, he recruited his younger brother Ralph to help him. Together, they built the fourth boat.


Hewes boats are made with high-quality materials and are affordable. They are available in different sizes, from small to large, for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. They are also available with outboard propulsion or gas fuel systems. In addition, Hewes boats are well-suited for boat repowering projects.

One of the most popular models of a Hewes Boat is the 16-foot Sportsman. This boat has a comfortable ride and vacuum-infused outboards. It can cover a lot of ground in larger bodies of water, float in 11 inches of water, and can be fished with a trolling motor or a pole. It also has walkaround gunwales so it can be fished with either a rod and reel or a motor.


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