River Hawk Boats for Sale Listed Price $98,999 *2019 Model

River Hawk Boats for Sale

River Hawk Boats for Sale listed price 98,999 USD. Used River Hawk Boats for Sale is an indispensable boat for saltwater fishing. The 2019 River Hawk 20 Coastal Cabin boat is 20′ in length. There is a 150-hp Yamaha engine on the boat. The hull of the boat is made of Aluminum. The fuel type used in the boat is gasoline.

River Hawk Boats for Sale

The new River Hawk 20 Coastal Cabin has all the amenities you would expect from a luxurious cabin cruiser. Its Teak interior complements carpeted decking and the attention to detail reflects the premium quality.

The headroom is six feet, and the windows all around provide plenty of natural light. The boat’s interior also boasts LED lighting mounted on suede panels. And when you’re not out on the water, you’ll be able to relax in comfort on the dual helm seats that are 5’2″ wide.

River Hawk manufactures a wide variety of boats that are capable of fishing in coastal waters and settling on the water in large bodies of freshwater. These boats are available with outboard or Paragon Jet engines, and they are available as cabin boats or Offshore XL boats. They can also be delivered in fishing layouts.

What Happened to River Hawk Boats?

The owner of River Hawk Boats had back surgery a couple of weeks ago, and the shop has been closed since. However, a friend of mine recently picked up a new Osprey 72 from River Hawk. It sounds like the owner is back in business now.

River Hawk Boats is a company that manufactures aluminum and fiberglass boats for fishermen. The company is known for its sturdy construction and uncompromising performance.

The boats are made using welded aluminum hull technology and are designed for years of use in tough conditions. However, the company had some issues with its quality control in the last few years and has filed for bankruptcy.

Who Makes River Hawk Boats?

River Hawk Boats are manufactured by Blue Earth Marine LLC.

Is River Hawk Boats Still in Business?

Unfortunately, the River Hawk boats have now stopped production due to the weak economy.

Where are River Hawk Boats Made?

The company’s production facility is located in Hawk City, White City, Washington. The company produces Jon boats and recreational aluminum boats.

The company’s welded aluminum housing constructions are recognized worldwide, and its boats are popular with both military and civilian customers. These boats also serve the U.S. Marine Corps, which chose River Hawk as its supplier for light patrol boats.

How Stable are River Hawk Boats?

River Hawk boats are known for their high stability. They feature a full carbon kick-up rudder and assembly with integrated Dyneema cables. The ama is adjustable for height and pitch and has a reinforced bow and stern. The River Hawk’s hull is a wide 13 inches, and it is low to the waterline, so it isn’t as tippy as a kayak or canoe.

Originally an authorized copy of the Gheenoe, River Hawks have evolved into their design. Though the basic hull is similar to the Gheenoe, they have been altered to accommodate skinny water. This makes them very stable, and it makes them a popular choice among novice and professional guides.

Do you offer River Hawk Boats Nationwide?

You can get a used boat by calling River Hawk Boats near me or by calling us. For more variety, check out River Hawk Boats Craigslist.

Are River Hawk Boats Welded or Welded?

River Hawk Boats is famous for its welded aluminum hull design.

What Kind of Motor Does The River Hawk 170 Have?

The River Hawk 170 boat has a 24-volt outboard engine from 10 to 80 hp.

How Much Does a River Hawk Cost?

The Cost of a River Hawk boat ranges from $30,000 to $100,000 on average.

River Hawk Boats Review

River Hawk Boats was created by Harley Greene, an east Tennessee native who loved to fish for trout. He began designing a new hull shape in the early 1960s on paper. Later, Greene went on to work as an engineer at NASA. But in his spare time, Greene loved to paddle rivers and streams.

River Hawk Kingfisher

The River Hawk Kingfisher boat is the Cadillac model of the Riverhawk B60 series. It features a spacious front and rear casting deck, as well as under-deck rod tubes. The center flat floor of the River Hawk Kingfisher is 54″ long at the rails. The back deck measures 44″ from the transom. The Kingfisher is also equipped with a trolling motor mounting pad.

Gheenoe Classic 2006

If you’re looking for the perfect gheenoe boat for your next trip, consider a River Hawk Boats Gheenoe classic. This boat features a custom forward casting platform, a new 9.9 four-stroke motor, and a 45-pound thrust trolling motor. This model also includes a galvanized trailer and a front deck hatch.


The River Hawk Boats Kingfisher is the Cadillac of the River Hawk boat line, and it is designed for serious fishing enthusiasts. Its castable deck is large and flat, and it offers hatches on the front and rear decks to store your rods and tackle. Additionally, it has under-deck rod tubes that can store up to four rods, so you will never run out of room for fishing gear.

Kingfisher 15 6

River Hawk Boats’ KingFisher series is the top of the line. This series is hand-built by a team of experts in heavy gauge aluminum boats. Designed for serious boaters, the Kingfisher hulls provide exceptional power, stability, and dry performance. They also have plenty of features that make them ideal for fishing.

Kingfisher 15 8

The River Hawk Boats Kingfisher 15 8 is a versatile boat that’s designed for a variety of activities. You can use it for saltwater and freshwater fishing, overnight cruising, and sailing. Its streamlined hull design and moderate draft provide excellent handling, even in rough waters. It also boasts a large cabin and cockpit.


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