Lowe Jon Boats for Sale Owner Just Price $24,994

Lowe Jon Boats for Sale

Lowe Jon Boats for Sale owner just priced 24,994 USD. Used Lowe Jon Boats are center console boats. The Lowe Jon fishing boat is 20′ in length. This boat has an outboard 115 HP Mercury engine.

The fuel type used is gasoline. 2013 Lowe Rough neck 2072CC hull material is aluminum. As with all fishing boats, this boat also has Garmin GPS.

Lowe Jon Boats for Sale

The Lowe Roughneck 2072 CC is a powerful, all-purpose Jon boat that is ideal for fishing and other outdoor activities. Its all-welded construction and wood-free Mod-V hull provide a high level of durability. Its large raised fore and aft casting platforms offer plenty of room to haul tackle and equipment.

Lowe Roughneck 2072 cc boats offer a wide variety of features. These include a comfortable aluminum side console, rod storage, a forward-aerated Livewell, a bow storage compartment, and more. These boats are made by experts and are built for all-season.

How Much Does a Lowe Jon Boat Cost?

A used Lowe Jon Boat costs between $1,000 and $40,000 on average.

Are Lowe Jon Boats Welded or Riveted?

Lowe Jon boat hull material is wood-free and all welded.

Where is Lowe Jon Boats Made?

While Lowe boats are made in the United States, many of them are made in Lebanon, Missouri. These boats are made of aluminum, which is a lightweight material that is highly resistant to corrosion.

Most Lowe boats are welded together, but smaller Jon boats are joined with rivets. The Lowe Boat Company still has a wide range of models and has dealers to meet your needs.

The Lowe Jon Boat Company has been making boats for nearly five decades. The company started as a fishing craft manufacturer but soon expanded to pontoons and deck boats. Lowe has a complete line of outboard power for fishing boats and pontoons.

What are The Features of a Lowes Jon Boat?

Lowe Jon boats are among the most popular types of boats used by anglers and hunters. They are easy to operate and economical to own. Jon boats from Lowe are designed to last and are built with marine-grade aluminum alloy. They are also designed to withstand the rigors of hard work and rough use, yet still offer plenty of room and comfort for passengers.

There are a variety of styles and models available. Lowe models are designed for fishing enthusiasts, with features like pedestal fishing seats and aerated livewells. There are also models for skiers and fishermen alike, like the Lowe Fish & Ski. The Lowe Fish & Ski is a hybrid model, combining the best features of both sports.

How Much is The Lowe 1240 Jon Boat?

The Lowe 1240 Jon Boat costs $3,100.

What are Lowe JONS Made Of?

Lowe l1652mt hull material is aluminum and riveted.

What Kind of Boat is The Lowes l1652mt?

The Lowe L1652MT is a riveted aluminum Jon boat with a Mod-V bow and flat bottom at the transom. It’s a versatile vessel, offering a proven construction that’s easy to use and maintain. It has strong lifting handles and a durable paint finish.

Why Buy a Lowes Aluminum Fishing Boat?

Lowe Jon boats are an excellent choice for those who want a high-quality aluminum fishing boat. They are all-welded and constructed with aluminum instead of wood. The design is versatile for saltwater and freshwater fishing. Lowe Jon boats also come with vertical rod holders and a live well.

Lowe boats are known for their high-quality construction and excellent stability. Their high-grade aluminum construction and cell foam construction keep them afloat in all kinds of conditions. In addition, their warranty is hassle-free. Lowe Jon boats are coast guard and NMMA certified.

Lowe’s boats are built by using less expensive materials than their top-of-the-line competitors. This makes them an excellent choice for first-time boat owners, or for those who want to save up and purchase a better quality boat later. Moreover, they have a warranty, which will cover repair and maintenance costs.

Another important feature of Lowe Jon boats is that they are made to last for many years. The BAY models are very durable and are built for rough waters and weather conditions. Lowe Jon boats range from 20 horsepower to 150 horsepower. The price range for these boats is approximately $9000 to $18,000.

Lowe Jon Boats Review

If you are considering buying a Jon boat, then you may be wondering which one is the best for you. There are several different types available, but a Lowe L1240 is one of the most popular.

This boat also comes with many great features, including a seating bench and storage space under the seats. It also comes with outboard motors from three to forty-five horsepower. These boats are made for fishing, so they are very durable and well-constructed.

Lowe L1240 Jon Boat

If you are interested in a 12-foot Jon boat, the Lowe L1240 might be the right model for you. Two bench seats and rock-solid aluminum construction. It is stable and floats well and comes with a wide bottom. It is available on Boat Trader for between $1,679 and $2,149.

This boat comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. Rear steering and a range of other options are available. Its price is $2,798 NAP or MAP, which means it’s available for well-qualified buyers. The monthly payments assume a $1,500 down payment and a twelve-year loan term.

Tracker Grizzly 1754 Jon Boat

Lowe’s 1648M Jon boat is an excellent option for recreational boaters and anglers. With a length of 15’8.5″, a beam of 70″, and a weight capacity of 275 pounds, it is suitable for a wide variety of situations. It is also equipped with a seat in the bow, grab handles, and ample storage space.

This 17’1″ aluminum fishing boat is ideal for fishing, with built-in mounts for a trolling motor or battery storage. It has a large bow deck and a stable and secure aluminum hull for stability. A wide beam and wide deck make it suitable for fishing or just cruising in the open waters. The Tracker Grizzly 1754 SC also comes with a sport steering wheel and LED navigation lights.

It is a high-performance fishing and hunting boat that can double as a work or hunting vessel. A 16-gallon Livewell, fold-down seats, and plenty of storage space for fishing gear. It also boasts a 45-degree Suremount Gunnel System for easy installation of motors.

Alumacraft 1436 Jon Sierra LT Jon Boat

If you’re looking for a Jon boat that’s built tough and has ample space, the Alumacraft 1436 Jon Sierra LD Jon boat is the right choice for you. This 4.3-meter boat features accommodations for three people, a 0.30-meter draft, and is CE-certified for safe use in shallow water. The boat’s design makes it easy to transport and handle.

This lightweight aluminum Jon boat features an aluminum hull construction with two oar-lock mounts. It has a flat hull bottom and formed-in keels to make it easy to float even in shallow water.

The boat also features a set of bench seats, a trolling motor mount, and three storage compartments. The boat’s motor is a 15-horsepower Mercury, and it comes with a T-H Marine Mini Jacker for easy trolling motor mounting.

Crestliner 1860 Retriever Jon Boat

The Crestliner 1860 Retriever Jon boats are 18 feet long and 7’1″ wide. They are available with center consoles or side consoles and come in various colors, including camo.

They have tons of features, including ample storage for fishing gear, a 16-gallon Livewell, and fold-down seats. In addition, they are built with Suremount gunwale track systems, which make it easy to mount accessories to the boat.

This Lowe 1860 Retriever Jon boat features an aluminum hull, two oar-lock mounts, and a flat bottom. The boat is designed for calm, shallow waters, and is constructed with a formed-in keel to keep it from tipping over. The boat is also equipped with dual bench seats and a bow grab handle, making it easy to maneuver in the water.

American 12 Jon Boat

If you’re in the market for a new Jon boat, you may want to check out the American 12 Jon boat. This lightweight aluminum model is well-suited for fishing and hunting and has features like a swing-up seat and two fold-down fishing seats. Its 12-foot length and eight-foot width make it a popular choice among fishermen and hunters.

There are many things to consider when shopping for a Jon boat. First of all, it’s important to consider where you’re going to use it. If you’ll be launching it in shallow water, then a small boat might not be enough.

Also, you’ll want to consider how many passengers you’ll be taking, and how much gear you plan on carrying. As a rule, the larger the boat, the more weight it can handle.


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