Supra Boats for Sale Just Payment Monthly $593

Supra Boats for Sale

Supra Boats for Sale only price USD 89,998. Used Supra Boats for Sale are 22′ in length. The primary hull material of the 2014 Supra SA350-550 is fiberglass. There are outboard 350 HP engines on the boat. The fuel type used is gasoline.

Supra Boats for Sale

The Supra SA is a fast-performance boat. It is powered by Indmar power that ranges from 350 to 550 horsepower. It has precision underwater gear, a pro hull design, snap-out carpet, 900 pounds of hard tank sub-structural floor Liquid Lead ballast, and Zero Off GPS speed control.

Besides these great features, the Supra SA has the latest interior options, including new vinyl and texture finishes and GORE TENARA Thread.

In addition, the supra wake boat comes with the SupraSkin vinyl material that is stain and abrasion-resistant. It also comes with the new Barrage Front End, a sophisticated windshield, and a Battle Prep Transom.

The Supra SA is one of the most luxurious wake boats on the market today. Its sleek design, indmar 5.7L 345 horsepower engine, and optional 130-pound Flex System, make it an excellent choice for wakeboarding and surfing. In addition to these, the Supra SA is equipped with a sleek interior, accent lighting, and swivel board racks.

How Much Does a Supra Boat Cost?

The Supra Boat Cost varies between $10,000 and $240,000 on average.

Who is Supra Boats Made By?

Supra is a luxury brand of inboard boats and competes with some of the industry’s most popular brands. The brand began in 1980 in Greenback, Tennessee, and moved to Maryville, Tennessee a few years later.

In 1983, the company introduced the first open-bow inboard ski boat, which transformed the way boats were designed. In short, it became the industry standard for wakeboarders and water skiers.

Are Moomba and Supra The Same?

While they’re very similar in many ways, there are important differences between Moomba and Supra. The brands were created by different people with different purposes. For example, the Moomba brand was inspired by the surf culture.

Because of that, it focuses on fun and is geared towards consumers who enjoy big wakes and endless summers. The Supra brand, on the other hand, focuses on a more traditional approach to wakeboarding and needs some help connecting with consumers.

What Year Did Supra Boats Come Out?

Supra boats first appeared in 1981.

Supra Boats Reviews

If you’re looking to buy a new boat, there are many options available. This article looks at the Supra SL and Supra SA 400. While each boat is unique, they all have some common features. Whether you’re looking for a fast boat or a luxurious one, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Supra SL

If you’re in the market for a new powerboat, the Mercury Supra SL may be the one for you. This sleek, sporty powerboat is 23 feet 5 inches overall and has an 8-foot-6-inch beam.

It weighs around 5,950 pounds and is rated for up to 17 people. It features a Raptor engine that delivers 575 horsepower and 580-foot pounds of torque. Supra’s intuitive touchscreen control system includes a daytime-viewable Vision Control Center.

The Supra boats for sale are also equipped with a sophisticated hull management system, which uses sensors to control roll and pitch. This allows the motor to run more quietly.

Moreover, its AutoWake system minimizes the stress on drivers by adjusting the ballast automatically. It also offers a wide range of amenities that make it an excellent choice for those who like to spend time on the water.

A 6.2-L Raptor engine powering the Supra SL provides maximum torque at low rpm. The engine also has low emissions. This powerboat is also able to produce consistent wakeboard wakes. The Supra SL features an integrated Bimini for board storage. Moreover, it also comes with a subfloor ballast system to settle the hull deeper in the water.

Aside from the power to create amazing wakes and waves, this boat has a comfortable interior that makes it ideal for family and friends. The Supra SL is equipped with a heated captain’s seat. It also has a ChillTech vinyl interior and a GatorStep flooring package. The passenger seating also has a flip-up backrest.

Supra SA 400

The Supra SA is the Flagship model of the Supra line, offering pro-level wakes and functionality. With a length of 22′ 5″ and 102″ beams, it has enough space for up to 16 people. A patented Auto wake system controls pitch, roll, and wave shape with onboard sensors. It also features a standard subfloor ballast of 3,500 pounds.

The Supra SA 400 sets the bar for luxury in a tow boat. It features a sleek and sophisticated design with vivid graphics and silver metal flake finishes. In addition, it has an integrated audio system with ICE, featuring JL Audio speakers.

A convenient remote control is mounted on the steering wheel. It is also equipped with GatorStep flooring. The Supra SA 400 also boasts a patented SupraSwell auto wake system, which automatically adjusts the wake to create a smooth and controlled wake.

Besides being an excellent all-around wake boat, it also has a spacious interior with luxurious seating for sixteen people. Another great feature is the walk-through windshield.

The Supra Sa 400 is available from professional boat dealers and private sellers. The earliest model was made in 2016 and the latest model is from 2019. Prices start at $95,000 and go up to $139,999. Boats in this range are usually in the $120,000-$130,000 range. Related models include the SL and SE550.


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