Andros Boats for Sale Owner Just Price $129,899

Andros Boats for Sale

Andros Boats for Sale owner just price 129,899 dollars. Used Andros Boats for Sale is 26′ in length. 2015 Andros Tarpon 26 is powered by Evinrude 300 HP engine.

The 2015 Andros Tarpon boat 26 is a highly capable fishing machine. The extra length and displacement make it more versatile than its Panga cousin. In addition to a dual axle trailer, it includes a crow’s nest and a 65-gallon Yeti. It is a great choice for multiple anglers and comes fully equipped for day or night fishing. Andros also includes a set of underwater lights.

Andros Boats for Sale

The cockpit of the Tarpon 26 is huge. It measures approximately 4′ fore and aft and measures six feet across. The bench seat is padded, with ample room for fighting fish. It is also equipped with a 40-gallon live well. There are even two-rod holders mounted on the console. Moreover, the Tarpon 26 is equipped with a hydraulic bracket that allows safe operation in shallow water.

How Much is an Andros Boats?

Andros boats for sale average between $75,000 and $300,000.

Who Makes an Andros Boats?

These boats are manufactured by the Andros Boatworks Company.

Where are Andros Boats Made?

Andros Boatworks has long been a leader in the manufacturing of offshore center console boats. The company is headquartered in Saratoga, Florida, and features state-of-the-art vessel construction certified by NMMA. In addition, the manufacturer takes pride in its manufacturing practices, incorporating computer-aided design and solid hardware. The company’s boats are made with a seven-year guarantee. Andros’ boats can be customized to fit your specific needs and budget.

Andros Boats Reviews

If you want a fast, versatile, and stable center console boat, then you might want to check out an Andros. These boats are fast and stable but there are also several things you should consider. In this Andros Boats Review, we will look at a few of those characteristics. In addition, we’ll discuss how the boat’s design influences its handling. Andros boats are known for paying close attention to details.


Ferries connect Andros to the Greek islands through the E/G-O/G Fast Ferries. This fast ferry services routes from Tinos, Mykonos, and Andros. The E/G-O/G Fast Ferries Andros is 115 feet long, with a maximum speed of 20 knots. Its cabins have different seating types, and the ferries have special facilities for passengers with disabilities. Discounts for certain categories of passengers are also available.


Andros Boatworks offers a wide range of options for fishing enthusiasts. Their Offshore 32 is a center console built on classic Bahamas designs. Fully rigged for tournament fishing, it boasts impressive live wells, fed by 1600 gph pumps. The boat can haul bait big enough for billfish. It also features a hydraulic lift on its forward fish box hatch. It is one of the most stable and well-equipped boats in its class.


The design of Stable Andros Boats emphasizes safety. They feature a sharp entry at the bow and a keel with a delta pad to improve efficiency. Each boat is customized to fit its owner’s specific needs, including fishing equipment and supplies. In addition, their boats are fully equipped, from the smallest to the largest, with everything from live bait to large fishing poles. Listed below are a few key features of Stable Andros Boats.

Storage Space

Even though storage space is limited on some models, Andros has worked to expand its Livewell for tournament fishermen. Andros cants its deck in certain places to accommodate bulkheads and wiring posts. The result is more storage space on the boat than on any other brand. While the average burn rate of Andros Boats is 5.8 gph at cruise, the Bonefish boasts the highest storage space for its class.


Andros Boatworks, Inc. was founded to fill the void of custom hybrid fishing boats. It is still family-owned, and the company was started by Andy Eggebrecht, who was soon followed by his brother Don and his son Danny. Andros Boatworks is known for its safety, performance, versatility, and affordable prices. Each model is handcrafted, and it is easy to see why they have a reputation for building boats that are both beautiful and functional.


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