Barker Boats for Sale Just Price $229,950 *2018 Barker

Barker Boats for Sale

Barker Boats for Sale just price 229,950 dollars. Used Barker Boats for Sale have 450 hp mercury engine. 2018 Barker Boatworks is 26′ in length. This boat is in a center console boat class. The boat’s main body is made of fiberglass. Barker Fishing Boats do not stop counting their features. You can also buy this boat in monthly installments of $1,516.

Barker Boats for Sale

The aft-facing deck of the 26 Open is equipped with a pressurized 40-gallon live well and an aft-facing viewing window. This boat also features a 15-gallon bow well and transom wells, and an additional 40-gallon Livewell below the aft cockpit sole. The 26 Open features a Mercury Verado 450 engine that never sees the sun. The boat’s stainless steel trim and rigging add to its streamlined appearance. The grit-style nonskid sole helps keep the deck dry.

Who is The Owner of Barker Boats?

Kevin Barker owns Barker Boats.

Where is Barker Boats Made?

Barker Boats is manufactured in Sarasota, Florida.

Barker Boats Review

This Barker boat review will focus on the 26 Open and 40 HPC. They are two excellent choices for cruising around lakes. However, they have very different characteristics, so comparing both is in order. Read on to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both.

We hope you find this review helpful. You will find it useful if you are planning to purchase a boat soon. It also includes a few tips on how to choose the best boat for your needs.

Barker Boatworks 26 Open

When you’re looking for a new bass boat, you should consider checking out the new Barker Boatworks 26 Open. The boat is powered by a 350-hp Mercury Verado. The boat’s exterior is finished in a Stars & Stripes color and has white rigging and a single Power Pole 8-foot blade. It features an abbreviated casting deck in the bow and stern. The deck has a grit-style nonskid sole for traction when it gets wet.

The lawsuit against Barker is being filed under the Lanham Act, the primary trademark statute in the United States. Yellowfin has been selling center-console, open fisherman-style boats for 14 years and has sold more than a thousand vessels.

The company claims it has the right to use the Yellowfin name in trade dress, which is protected under the Lanham Act. Even though Barker Boatworks has only built 20 boats, it has received orders for about 50 more.

Barker 40 HPC

The Barker 40 HPC is a purpose-designed fishing cat that is perfect for cruising in the backcountry or crossing the Gulf Stream. The boat features innovative solutions and improved fishing amenities like 49 flush-mount rod holders.

Its powerful 450 horsepower is a perfect match for the long days on the water. Here’s a closer look at this boat and what it has to offer. You won’t believe how much more room you’ll have for your rods and reels.

The Barker 40 HPC features extensive angling equipment including dual 55-gallon live wells, an ergonomic console with a forward lounge seat, room for electronics, and a high-performance sound system. Other standard features include Aquatraction marine decking and a JL Audio package.

For your convenience, the boat also comes standard with a JL audio system and a Garmin navigation/communication package. Dual 65-quart “pull coolers” are available for easy access to drinks and sandwiches.

Barker 26 Open

The Barker boats for sale 26 Open is a center console that can be used for fishing or other recreational activities. It features an abbreviated casting deck in the bow and stern to optimize deck space and eliminate splash wells. It also features a grit-style nonskid sole for traction, especially in wet conditions. A 3.4-mpg hull, a Mercury 350-hp inboard, and a 3.5-hp outboard give it an impressively fuel-efficient performance.

The 26 Open is equipped with a pressurized, 40-gallon live well. The lid is made of clear acrylic, with friction hinges that keep it open. We loaded our boat with live pilchards and enjoyed the smooth ride. It has an aft-facing viewing window, as well as a 15-gallon bow and transom well. There is also room for a 40-gallon live well below the aft cockpit sole.


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