Bertram Boats for Sale Owner Just Price US$1,521,850

Bertram Boats for Sale

Bertram Boats for Sale listed price 1,521,850 USD. Used Bertram Boats for Sale are indispensable for strong boat lovers. 2006 Bertram 67 Convertible Boat is 71.52′ in length. There is a 419-hp engine on the boat. The hull of the boat is made of Fiberglass. You will not find such a beautiful and clean used boat anywhere.

Bertram Boats for Sale

Whether you’re in the market for a day cruiser or an overnight cruiser, Bertram boats can provide you with an enjoyable boating experience. Their wide beam and deep draft make them ideal for many boating pursuits.

They’re available with inboard and outboard propulsion systems and are diesel-powered, making them an excellent choice for recreational boating.

The Bertram name is synonymous with excellence and innovation. It pioneered deep-V hull design, which is used by many other builders today. The brand is also known for its interior design, which incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as advanced window designs and gyroscopic anti-roll systems.

Where are Bertram Boats Made?

“My first choice was Florida,” said Beniamino Gavio of the Italian company Gavio Group, which acquired Bertram Yachts in 2015, in a statement announcing the new relocation. “We believe Bertram belongs to this country. Bertram started in Miami and we want to keep it in Florida to keep it connected to Bertram’s history.”

Are Bertram Boats Any Good?

The 28 II is a very solid, well-built boat that is very nice looking, but otherwise not a very practical vessel.

What Boat is Better Than a Bertram?

Bertram was one of the best in the late 80’s early 90’s. Hatters of certain years were known for quality heavy boats that were painfully slow.

Who Makes Bertram Boats?

Ferretti Group bought Bertram company in 1998 and continues to produce Bertram 80 sport fishing yachts.

Why are Bertram Used Boats So High Priced?

They are high-performance boats that are small in size but built like yachts.

Is Bertram Boats Still in Business?

Gavio Group continues to manufacture US sports fish boats from Ferretti Group.

How Much is a New Bertram?

The new Bertram 39CC has a base price range of $750,900 starting at $12,000,000.

Did Bertram Ever Build a Wooden Boat?

This Bertram boat built the boat from wood in Miami in 1959 and was launched in Moppie, named after his wife. Bertram and his midwife, Sam Griffith, conducted the first sea trials together.

Bertram Boats History

There is a lot of history surrounding Bertram Boats. The company was founded by Dick Bertram and his son Morgan in the early 1960s. Moppie is the name of his winning boat in the 1961 Miami-Nassau Race.

It was named after his wife Pauline, who earned the nickname as a child. The boat’s success spurred the company to create 31 fiberglass boats.

Bertram started as a boat enthusiast. He was just eight years old when he got his first boat. By the time he was ten years old, he was already entering races. Soon, racing was his favorite pastime.

He later founded the Cornell Corinthian Yacht Club and won the intercollegiate sailing championships in 1936 and 1937. When he was older, he moved to Miami and continued his sailing career.

In 1948 and 1949, Bertram helped sail the Finisterre to victory in the Newport-to-Bermuda “Ocean Race.” This race is still considered one of the most difficult competitions in boat racing.

As a businessman, Dick Bertram’s vision for Bertram Boats was truly inspired by his love of the sea. In a Time article, Bertram was compared to Enzo Ferrari for the combination of performance and luxury.

Bertram’s boats were fast and maneuverable, and they won numerous races. This resulted in a slew of requests from customers wanting to buy his boat. This led to the founding of a shipyard to produce the Bertram boats.

Bertram Boat Reviews

This article will focus on the Bertram 31, 700 Enclosed, and 800. Whether you are considering buying a Bertram or are a first-time buyer, there are a few things to keep in mind. These boats are not for everyone, and you should understand your options before making your final decision.

Bertram 31

The Bertram 31 is one of the most iconic offshore sportfishing boats. With its streamlined lines and massive cockpit, the 31 Bertram is a classic example of American boatmaking.

But, it’s far from the only Bertram in the water. Other, more modern models like the 32 Blackfin are also influenced by the 31.

Designed with the famous Deep-V hull, the 31 Bertram is well-known for its ability to tackle the big seas and maneuverability in any conditions. The boat is a popular choice for anglers, but it is not without its quirks. One of these is the fact that it can be a wet ride.

While many Bertram 31 boat reviews focus on fishing, the 31 Bert is an efficient family cruiser as well. The Cruiser and Sport Fisherman models both feature a dinette and double berths. Their cockpits are 110 square feet, making them ideal for families.

Bertram 700 Enclosed

The Bertram 700 Enclosed is an enclosed sportfisher that offers high-gloss finishes, a thoughtful layout, and a hearty dose of horsepower. It has a comfortable cabin with an upgraded cream carpet, wood blinds, and a wet bar.

The engine room is located aft, but access to the two generators is limited. A single fiberglass fuel tank provides an effective sound barrier between the accommodations and the engine room.

The Bertram 700 Enclosed is a big, heavy boat designed for fishing and cruising. The Bertram 700 Enclosed is available as a ready-to-delivery boat in Australia.

It features a fixed windscreen, African mahogany paneling, a thruster, a teak-laid cockpit, a swim platform, a tender with foredeck chocks, and a davit. It also features a fuel polishing system and dry shaft seals.

The boat’s interior is surprisingly roomy, with plenty of space for a crew of four.

The interior of the Bertram 700 Enclosed is unique in that it features a full dining table that seats six people. The cockpit features a separate cabin for the chef. This cabin also provides storage space and a pantry. The cockpit also boasts an enclosed flybridge, which provides excellent visibility.

Bertram 800

The Bertram 800 has a unique layout, allowing the owner to entertain with ease. The cabin features a full dining table with seating for six. There’s also a private cabin for the chef, with a separate bathroom, pantry, and storage. The layout also provides space for two additional crew cabins, one aft of the galley and one forward.

The interior and exterior of the Bertram 800 have been updated, with many new features. Specifically, the Bertram 800 comes with a new windshield design, which was traditionally a weak point on convertibles.

This new design uses multiple layers of tempered glass, tied into the fiberglass structure.

Another notable feature of the Bertram 800 is its en suite master stateroom, which can be customized to the owner’s specifications. The cabin is airy and bright, with portlights in the hull and electric drapes covering the cabin. There is a day head and refrigerator, as well as a Livewell window looking into the cockpit.


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