Calvin Beal Boats for Sale Just Price $188,999 *2015 Model

Calvin Beal Boats for Sale

Calvin Beal Boats for Sale listed price 188,999 USD. Used Calvin Beal Boats for Sale is an indispensable boat for surf lovers. 2015 Calvin Beal Boats is 28′ in length. There is a 380-hp Cummins engine on the boat. The hull of the boat is made of Fiberglass. You will not find such a beautiful and clean used boat anywhere.

Calvin Beal Boats for Sale

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new boat for your family, consider the 2015 CALVIN BEAL BOAT 28. It’s an excellent option for a family of four or a couple looking for a comfortable vessel for cruising the waterways. With an impressive price tag, this boat is an excellent choice for water sports enthusiasts. There are many benefits to owning a boat, and the following are a few of them.

The design is based on a classic lobster boat and is perfect for families that enjoy long boating adventures. The boat features a comfortable layout, good visibility, and a streamlined appearance. This model is made of Fiberglass, making it durable and weather-resistant.

How Much do Calvin Beal Boats Cost?

Calvin Beal Boats average between $150,000 and $600,000.

Who Makes a Calvin Beal Boats?

These boats are manufactured by the SW Boatworks Company.

Where are Calvin Beal Boats Made?

Calvin Beal Boats are manufactured in Maine, USA.

Calvin Beal Boats Reviews

In a recent article, we looked at the 38-foot Downeaster, Star, from SW Boatworks. She’s an incredibly spacious vessel and a fantastic option for cruising. Read on to learn more. I also found several great Calvin Beal boat reviews, including Miss Maggie II. This article is written by a boat enthusiast, so you’ll get the inside scoop on the Star. Here are some of my favorite models:

Miss Maggie II is a Cruising Yacht

Last Wednesday, the S W Boatworks launched its 39-foot cruising yacht, Miss Maggie II. The yacht is headed for the North Fork, where she will reside near the yachting centers of Montauk and Shelter Island. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, Miss Maggie II features a large salon and a spacious L-shaped settee forward. The main cabin is equipped with a wet riser exhaust and an insulated fish hold beneath the cockpit sole.

Despite the beautiful yacht, the crew of Miss Maggie II needs serious restoration. She suffered extensive damage and needed to be re-caulked on the port side. The owner of the boat contacted the company’s boatyard on Beals Island, where Clifford Alley was located. The team had two days to fix the damage, and the ship was returned to the water in good time.

Star is a New 38-Foot Downeaster from SW Boatworks

The SW Boatworks crew has developed a unique process to design and build custom Downeaster, utilizing their molds of Downeast boats. The company lays up three boats at a time, with a third model, the Calvin Beal 42, underway now. Workman also works with Downeast boatbuilders to produce new molds, and he consulted with a couple from Mystic, Connecticut, when they wanted a large, comfortable platform for wreck diving.

The Downeaster 38 has a sleek look that is traditionally styled. She is an ideal boat for a couple or a family. Many Downeaster owners praise her rugged performance, and many have sailed her far and wide. Three Downeaster owners have already circumnavigated the globe on her. This is the perfect boat for a long sailing trip, whether solo or with friends.

Calvin Beal 38 Special Edition is a Roomy 38-Foot Downeaster from SW Boatworks

The new Calvin Beal 38 Special Edition is a Downeaster that features a 15-foot beam, an impressive 20-knot cruise, and bow and stern thrusters. The hull of the vessel is constructed from solid fiberglass, with a composite deck made of a material that allows for slight flex. While this is not a performance cruiser, it will satisfy the needs of recreational anglers and fishermen alike.

Workman, who owns the molds for the Calvin Beal and Young Brothers boats, has a busy schedule. He is currently preparing to launch a new 34-foot model and is completing two 45-foot Young Brothers yachts and one 46-foot commercial lobster Downeaster. The boatbuilder has delivered eight or nine boats to the West Coast and plans to build another 44-foot model.


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