Caymas Bass Boats for Sale Just Payment Monthly $508

Caymas Bass Boats for Sale

Caymas Bass Boats for Sale Just only price $77,000. Used Caymas Bass Boats for Sale are in freshwater fishing class. 2021 Caymas CX 21 Model hull material is produced from fiberglass. This 21′ longboat is a popular boat for freshwater fishing.

The Caymas Boats CX 21 is described as the future of tournament bass boats. The boat is designed with high-speed Livewell pickup, storage systems, and outstanding disability.

Caymas Bass Boats for Sale

Its innovative design and technology provide a powerful combination for serious tournament anglers. Here are the most important features to look for in this new bass boat. Let’s get started! This high-performance boat was built with heavy payloads in mind.

Caymas has a reputation for building bass boats with the highest quality and performance. Their CX 21 bass boat is no exception. Designed with tournament bass fishermen in mind, this 21-foot 4-inch boat is loaded with standard tournament features and optional features. That means that when you buy one of these bass boats, it will arrive fully optioned and ready for action.

Where are CayMAS Bass Boats Made?

Founder of Caymas bass boats Matt Bentz is a lifelong boat enthusiast who has spent time in boat factories across the country. The company’s Middle Tennessee headquarters is home to some of the most talented boat craftsmen in the country.

How fast is a CayMAS Bass Boat?

The top speed of the CayMAS Bass Boat is 74 MPH.

How much is a CayMAS 341cc?

The CayMAS 341 cc price averages between $200,000 and $750,000.

What boat does Earl Bentz make?

Earl Bentz produces freshwater and saltwater fishing boats that many people like.

Caymas Bass Boats Reviews

There are many models of Caymas bass boats. These are divided into 2 classes. They are freshwater and saltwater boats.


  • Bass Boat
  • Multi-Species Boat


  • Hybrid Boat
  • Center Console Boat
  • Our Hulls

If you are in the market for a new bass boat, you’re probably wondering about the Caymas bass boats. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Read the Caymas CX 21 PRO review to learn about the boat’s features.

Read on to learn more about this model and discover how it stacks up against other models. If you’re considering buying a Caymas, it’s important to know what to look for in a boat before committing.

Caymas CX 21

The Caymas CX21 is a streamlined and versatile bass boat, which exceeds the competition in many areas. Its performance, storage, and handling make it a tournament winner. Its extensive list of standard features includes a 17″ running pad, four battery compartments, and massive comfort padding in the front deck. It also offers exceptional storage capacity, so you can carry more gear and still save space.

The CX-21 has been designed by expert boatbuilder Earl Bentz, who knows a good thing when he sees it. With a dry weight of about 1,900 pounds, this bass boat is ideal for competitive anglers. Besides its lightweight design, it also boasts numerous creature comforts, including a headrest, console, and seat belts. And, of course, the CX-21 comes with a range of options and features.


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