Crevalle Boats for Sale Listed Price $112,994

Crevalle Boats for Sale

Crevalle Boats for Sale listed price 14,999 USD. There is a Used Crevalle Boats for Sale 300 HP Yamaha outboard motor. Crevalle Center Console Boats hull material is fiberglass. The 2018 Crevalle 26 HCO model is 26′ ft and is gasoline-powered. Crevalle boat is in the center console class.

Crevalle Boats for Sale

The Crevalle 26 Bay offers an expansive afterdeck that features a 40-inch fold-down seat, a cooler under the seat, and two live wells for keeping fish alive. It also includes a swim platform with a folding ladder to the port.

This boat has a range of 150 miles and a draught of 0.36 meters and can accommodate up to nine passengers. Its performance is exceptional on the water, so it is perfect for family boating or fishing excursions. The boat is also fully customizable to fit your needs.

The 26 Open is also well-equipped with a step-down head compartment on the port side of the console. There are also optional misters on the hardtop and a 74-quart insulated cooler. The helm area is equipped with dual rod lockers and a super-comfy double-seat leaning post.

Are Crevalle Boats Good?

Crevalle Boats produce long-lasting and beautiful stable platforms.

Where are Crevalle Boats Made?

Crevalle Boats are made in Wildwood, Florida. The company’s innovation is credited with its success. Some of the innovations include reversible forward cushion backrests, dedicated safety storage, and two integrated removable coolers.

These features enhance safety and help the boat go further offshore. Additionally, Crevalle partners with strategic vendors to develop new products that meet the needs of boat owners.

The company is a member of several organizations that promote a strong sense of community. It is active with the Sumter County Manufactures Association, the National Marine Manufacturers Association, and the American Boat and Yacht Council.

It also runs an internship program for students interested in the marine industry. Two of the interns are now permanent employees. The company also supports various charities in the area.

It has been given to Methodist School Center and Transitions Life Center. It also donates to the Coastal Conservation Association and Florida Cattlemen’s Association.

How Much Does a Crevalle Yacht Cost?

Crevalle Yacht Cost varies between $70,000 and $420,000 on average.

What is a Crevalle Boat Good for?

As a manufacturer of bay boats, Crevalle focuses on keeping families safe on the water. Its boats have a wide range of features that make them the ideal platform for young Florida boating families.

They can run shallow water, cruise the horizon, or sit on a sandbar. This versatility is essential when you plan to go fishing or do other water activities.

Although Crevalle Boats are new, its founders have decades of experience and have worked for some of the world’s top boat manufacturers. We spoke to one of their representatives and tested their new 26-footer in an open bay outside of Hart-Miller Island.

What is The Best Crevalle Model to Buy?

The Best Crevalle Model to Buy is the Crevalle 26 HCO.

Crevalle Boats Reviews

Crevalle boats for sale are designed with performance and comfort in mind. This award-winning line of yachts uses heavy-duty coal tar epoxy coating on the fuel tank and hull, as well as finishing all hatches on both sides.

They also feature antimicrobial vinyl and multi-density foam upholstery throughout the boat, which helps prevent bottoming out during waves.

Crevalle 26 Open

The Crevalle 26 Bay features a spacious afterdeck and a 40-inch fold-down seat. It is also equipped with a cooler underneath and has two live wells. If you like to fish offshore, the Crevalle will give you a safe platform for catching bluefish and cobia. In addition, it has a swim platform with a folding ladder on the port side.

The Crevalle 26 Open is a center console vessel that is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. The boat is constructed with fiberglass hulls and is powered by an outboard.

There are gas and electric options available. You can find 28 listings for a Crevalle 26 Open on Boat Trader, which lists both professional and private sellers. The starting price for one is $115,995. The boat’s CSF is 33 cubic feet.

The Crevalle 26 is not the only boat available in the HBW line. A similar hybrid, the Regulator 26XO, comes equipped with a 32-gallon live well and wraparound seating. While the Crevalle 26 HBW has a large cockpit, it lacks a wraparound bow.

Crevalle 26 Bay

The Crevalle 26 Bay is the perfect boat for people who like to fish in the backcountry or offshore. This versatile boat features a jack plate, premium upholstery, and a 10-year transferable warranty. It also features a long list of options, including a spotting tower and two full sets of controls. In addition, the boat is outfitted with a dedicated anchor locker and a 20-gallon baitwell.

The Crevalle 26 Bay is equipped with wide trim tabs and a hydraulic transom jack plate for six inches of vertical lift. It also has a notch under the transom that provides a high stream of solid water to the propeller.

In addition to its impressive features, 26 Bay has a smooth hull design that features crisp bottom strakes and wide reverse chines. The boat’s wiring system also features heat-shrink terminals and Deutsch-style connectors.

The Crevalle 26 Bay is a great boat for fishing and has an excellent performance in shallow waters. Despite its small size, it is capable of making oceanic runs when conditions permit. When you’re ready to buy a new boat, it’s important to consider your needs and choose the right model.

Crevalle 26 HBW

A Crevalle 26 HBW boat is a versatile fishing machine. It is designed for fishing in the backcountry and offshore. Whether you want to pursue cobia and kingfish up to 12 miles offshore or fish for tuna along the coast, this boat is the right choice. However, there are some things you should know before buying one.


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