DCB Boats for Sale Just $348,250 *Used 2010 Model M31

DCB Boats for Sale

DCB Boats for Sale Just $348,250. The DCB Performance Boats M31 has a high-backed driver’s seat and an optional cabin, which features a facing lounge and outboard storage.

The DCB M31 is a storage boat that will most likely be used for overnighting, storage, and fast boating. It is an excellent choice for people who enjoy water sports.

DCB Boats for Sale

The DCB crew is dedicated to defining the boundaries of the custom powerboat market. They strive to show the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Dedicated to building high-end performance powerboats, they’ve developed unmatched craftsmanship quality.

Each DCB boat is designed specifically to the desires of its owner, and is crafted by factory-trained technicians using the latest technology. Used DCB boats for sale are among the finest options available on the market.

DCB M31 Boat Features

This high-performance boat has plenty of features to appeal to the most discerning buyer. Its impressive performance capabilities, impressive fuel economy, and streamlined design will make it a perfect fit for any lifestyle.

This widebody, six-seat DCB boat features a vacuum-infused resin and balsa-core construction for enhanced durability. It also boasts twin 565 HP Mercury Racing engines, a fully canvas boat cover, a travel cover, dual gauge consoles, and an XM-ready sound system.

This boat also comes with an Extreme Custom Trailer with SS fenders and triangular drive guard to keep it safe on the water.

Despite its large size and weight, the DCB M31 is an impressive powerboat. Its twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines deliver up to 127 mph, and its gear ratio is 1.4:1.

The M31’s wide beam and 37-inch pitch propellers make it a formidable competitor. Aside from cruising at high speeds, the DCB M31 is also easy to maneuver and possesses a powerful engine room.

What does DCB Stand for Boat?

DCB Boat was founded in 1990 by Dave Hemmingson. The word DCB stands for Dave’s private boats.

How Much does a M35 Boat Cost?

The M35 Boat Cost is $170,000 at the lowest and $500,000 at the highest.

How Much is a DCB M37?

The DCB M37 costs around $436,995.

DCB Boat Interior Design

DCB Performance Boats has become synonymous with high-end cockpits on custom boats made in the West. Their interior design is credited to Carlos Lafarga, who learned his craft from his father David Lafarga, who worked for a number of boat manufacturers, including Wright Boats, Sleekcraft, and Eliminator.

Carlos has worked for DCB for over two decades. Before that, he owned his own business, Premier Marine Interiors, and spent a year re-designing the cockpits of Cigarette Racing Team models.

DCB Boat Reviews – M37R, FX-28, and M35

DCB boats are known for their high-quality performance, and this is evident in their impressive ratings on consumer review sites. In this article, we’ll go over the DCB M37R, FX-28, and M35. You’ll find out which boats are best for you and what they offer – and what you should avoid. We’ll also talk about the DCB FX-28 and M35, which are the top performers on the market.


DCB Performance Boats is developing a new 37-foot catamaran that will feature twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. This boat is the first of its kind to feature a true tunnel-style design without a center pod.

It measures 37 feet, six inches long with a 10-foot-six-inch beam and weighs just under 6,000 pounds dry. The interior features comfortable bucket seats, an adjustable headrest, and an integrated navigation system.

The DCB M37R was designed with luxury go-fast power in mind. Its exterior features include a streamlined cockpit and an extensive list of high-tech electronics. Interiors boast a first-class feel with no ripped or frayed seams.

Even the front seats are designed with clocked screw heads to add a distinctive look. DCB has set the bar for performance boats and has certainly done a great job with the M37R.


The latest model from DCB, the FX-28 Extreme, has improved on previous models. Its teague custom marine 900 EFI engine will set you back $45,000. Upgrades include billet trim tabs, TCM switchable tips, a sea strainer, and Bluewater trim indicators. Other features include a lab prop and drive shower. A DCB FX-28 boat review shows you that the FX-28 Extreme will have plenty of storage space.


For many years, the DCB M35 was the company’s top model. Today, the company has made some changes. While the M35 has kept the same name, the M28R is more sporty. It is now equipped with twin Mercury Racing 565 HO engines, giving it a top speed of 95 mph. The company is also developing the M31, which will be powered by Mercury Racing 700 SCis, and is expected to have a top speed of 130 mph.

What You Need to Know About DCB Boats

During the boom years, demand for DCB boats was consistently exceeding its production capacity. Although the company has felt the recent recession, it has survived the downturn much better than some of its competitors. Unlike many of its competitors, DCB has consistently resisted the temptation to expand during boom times. This strategy has led to a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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