Jones Brothers Boats for Sale Campaign is Only US$43,899

Jones Brothers Boats for Sale

Jones Brothers Boats for Sale campaign is only US$43,899. Used Jones Brothers Boats for Sale are 20′ in length. The fuel type used in the 2009 Jones Brothers 20 boats is gasoline. Yamaha F90TXR (4 Stroke) engine is used in this boat. Fiberglass is used in the hull of the Jones Brothers boats.

Jones Brothers Boats for Sale

Donnie and Rob Jones founded Jones Brothers Boats in 1989. They specialize in center console Jon boats and also offer outboard motors. Read on to learn more about this boat company and its products. You might be surprised at just how much they offer.

You’ll also learn more about their core materials: PVC foam and outboard motors. These boats are perfect for fishing. Jones Brothers boats come with all the standard features that you’d expect, but also offer special features and options that make them more attractive to a fisherman.

How Much is a Jones Brothers Boats?

Jones Brothers boat average between $20,000 and $45,000.

Who Makes a Jones Brothers Boats?

Donnie and Rob Jones founded Jones Brothers Boats in 1989.

Jones Brothers Boat Ramp

When it comes to boating and fishing, nothing beats the Jones Brothers Park in Lakewood. This city park offers a boat ramp, picnic areas, and more. However, if you’re not from the area, you’re going to find a long line to launch your boat.

It’s no wonder there are so many people waiting to use this boat ramp. The city is trying to keep the crowds at bay, so it offers a free daily launch pass for locals and visitors alike.

Located on Lake Travis, Jones Brother’s Park offers plenty of amenities. There’s a large playground, a baseball diamond, and basketball courts, plus plenty of lakeshores.

There’s even a covered picnic pavilion, so you can host family gatherings or birthday parties. The park also offers a variety of watercraft rentals. Whether you’re a first-time boater or a seasoned boater, you’ll have a great time exploring the lake at this park.

They Specialize in Center Console Jon Boats

The center console on a Jones Brothers boats for sale houses controls, gauges, and most of the electronics. All cables are terminated here, and it’s 100% composite. Except for the Bateau 17, all Jones Brothers boats use a Super Fish console. Smaller sports consoles are available as options. While most center console Jon boats feature an optional stern ladder, the Super Fish has a stepped rear deck that allows easy access to the engine compartment.

They Have a PVC-foam Core

While many boats have a wood core, Jones Brothers fiberglass boats feature a PVC-foam core to reduce moisture absorption. This foam core bonds with resins and prevents hulls from absorbing water. The fiberglass stringer grid and floor are glued or glassed into place. This is why Jones boats are so light and durable. Here are some additional benefits of PVC foam core construction.

They Have Outboard Motors

There are several benefits to owning a Jones Brothers boat. These boats are versatile enough to handle a variety of boating activities, and their outboard motors will keep you on the water all day long.

Some of these boats are also gas-powered and feature outboard propulsion. If you are looking for a family boat that is perfect for the beach, look no further than a Jones Brothers model. You’ll find a wide variety of sizes and models to suit your needs.

They are Fishing Friendly

A great fishing boat should have ample space and be designed to accommodate the needs of both you and your guests. The fishing-friendly base models are equipped with pop-up cleats, live bait tanks, and under-gunwales rod racks.

Electronic trim tabs are standard in the Cape Fisherman model. The open cockpit design allows you to move around comfortably without feeling cramped. There are specialty options available for fly and light-tackle fishermen, including a front casting deck, a live well, a console rod tube, and a poling platform.

Jones Brothers Boat Reviews

You can read Jones Brothers boat reviews to decide whether or not a particular model is right for you. We spent a week on a 17-foot Cape Fisherman 23 to find out which features and specs make the Jones Brothers 1910 LT stand out. The pictures below are taken at the Jones Brothers in Morehead City, NC. Read on for more information about these two boats. And don’t forget to check out our other Jones Brothers reviews!

Jones Brothers 1910 LT

The Jones Brothers 1910 is a versatile boat that can accommodate varied water conditions. It is capable of traveling into shallow water, rocky coasts, and larger bodies of water. This boat comes with a single 150 HP Yamaha 2-stroke outboard.

Currently, the boat has had three owners from 2008 to the present. It is ideal for fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a boat that can accommodate their needs. In the following reviews, we’ll explore the qualities and drawbacks of this boat.

The hull of a Jones Brothers boat is flat or other shaped. This makes them ideal for a variety of activities. There are also different types of outboards and fuel systems. This makes them great for fishing, cruising, or other recreational activities.

They are also available with gas fuel or outboard propulsion systems. Those who are interested in center console models will appreciate that the Jones Brothers 1910 boats are well suited for this purpose. The boats have a shallow draft and average beam.

Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman 23

If you’re looking for a fishing boat that’s big enough to comfortably carry up to seven people, the Jones Brothers Cape Fisherman 23 is a solid choice. Rated at 2,000 horsepower, this boat is an excellent choice for catching perch in the Severn River or crabbing in protected waters. The 20 to 26-foot models are also available, and they’re ideal for families or couples who love to fish.

The company’s new Cape Fisherman 23 boasts a sleek design, dry ride, and an array of options. The company’s commitment to excellence in every detail is reflected in the boat’s design and construction.

In addition to utilizing advanced composite materials, Jones Brothers partnered with some of the region’s leading captains to improve its hull integrity and performance. The result is a boat that is comfortable and built to last for generations.


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