Klamath Boats for Sale Final Price $34,499 *2018 Model

Klamath Boats for Sale

Klamath Boats for Sale just payment monthly 231 USD. Used Klamath Boats for Sale is 19′ in length as the model name indicates. The fuel type of this clean used boat is gasoline. 2018 Klamath 19 GTX boat has a 90 hp powered Tohatsu engine. Hull material is made of aluminum.

The 19′ Klamath GTX 2018 powerboat is designed with a rugged hull and creature comforts. It comes with an open fishing cockpit, welded seat boxes, a fully welded windshield, and a welded-on grab rail. This powerboat also includes side jump seats, a walk-through windshield, and a 20-gallon fuel tank. The Klamath 19 GTX also comes with an optional, high-performance Evinrude 9.9 XPHB outboard engine and a fully welded hull.

Klamath Boats for Sale

The Aluminum hull on the 2018 Klamath boats for sale is one of the main highlights of this vessel. The aluminum hull was designed to withstand tough conditions, yet it still has creature comforts, including a custom top and welded seat boxes. A welded windshield is also a standard feature, and there’s a custom Top Gun canvas that you can remove if you don’t want to compromise comfort.

Are Klamath Boats Welded or Riveted?

Klamath Boats are most reliably welded with marine alloys to prevent leaks.

Where are Klamath Boats Manufactured?

Klamath Boats has been in operation since 1947 and are manufactured in Fairfield, California.

Klamath Boats Review

Before you decide whether to purchase one of these Klamath, read our Klamath boats review to learn about their durability, stability, ride, and Zinc anodes. These factors will help you make the right decision for your needs.

The high rise of the bow is especially useful for keeping water away from the deck and is a great design feature. Owners of Klamath boats have reported more than two decades of trouble-free performance and few durability problems. Depending on the weather, you may want to track the servicing requirements. The cost is reasonable, too.


While most boats are made from wood, Klamath is different. The frames are made of lightweight, welded aluminum. A lighter frame makes transportation easier, but it is not as durable as an aluminum one, especially in rough water. Nevertheless, Eddie Belardo, the company’s Production Manager, says that he is confident that his boats can withstand national emergencies, including COVID-19. The boat is also easier to store and transport compared to a wooden boat.


While Klamath boats are inexpensive and easy to tow, they are not known for their stability in rougher water. They are a great choice for fishing in smaller rivers and lakes, but not as good in rougher ocean conditions. Most casual anglers have mentioned a more stable fishing experience when using the boat in calmer waters. But while they are easier to tow, they are not as stable as some competitors.


There’s no better way to see the sights in the area than aboard a riverboat. If you’re in the mood for thrills, check out the jet boat tours on Klamath Lake. The excitement of the ride is sure to delight you and your family. They’ll have the time of their lives. And the best part is that they’re free! So why not take the kids for a spin?

Zinc Anodes

Zinc anodes on Klamath boats protect metallic parts from corrosion. These anodes, which are also called sacrificial anodes, are attached to the boat’s parts and placed over them. When a boat is immersed in water, metals react to the acidic environment and start to corrode. Zinc anodes prevent this from happening by protecting the metal from the corrosive effects of water.


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