Pantera Boats for Sale Final Price $31,999 *1998 Model

Pantera Boats for Sale

Pantera Boats for Sale final price 31,999 dollars. Used Pantera Boats for Sale are 1998 models and 28′ in length. The class of this boat is High Performance. The hull material of the Pantera 28 model boat is made of fiberglass. The fuel type used on the boat is gasolina.

Pantera Boats for Sale

Considering 1998 Pantera race boats 28, you’ve probably already checked out the boat’s hull and performance features. These boats boast a powerful Mercury Pro XS outboard and a full array of electronics.

The boat also features a top-of-the-line Humminbird fishfinder and Minn Kota trolling motor. It also has a mighty power pole to hold onto your catch until you’re ready to move it. The exterior of this boat is adorned with a metal flake paint job that provides a distinctive look.

Is Pantera Boats Still in Business?

The new owners of Pantera Jet Boats have announced they plan to relaunch the brand. The brand was shut down in the 1970s, but the new owners have been working to revive it. They have acquired all the molds, designs, and intellectual property. This means that they will be able to offer a wide range of boats at a wide range of price points.

Where are Pantera Boats Manufactured?

Pantera Boat is manufactured in North Carolina, USA.

Who makes Pantera Boats?

Carbon Marine, Inc makes the Pantera Boat.

How Much are Pantera Boats?

Pantera Boat cost between $20,000 and $190,000 on average.

Pantera Boat Reviews

I examined Pantera powerboats for you. Details are as follows.

Pantera Speed Boat

The new Pantera speed boat has a classic look with some of the latest technological advancements in the sport of powerboating. The X-51 features a custom-designed cockpit with angled footrests, a manual drop-out bolster, and a glove box built into the dash. A fully refinished dash and gauges complete the look. The rigging shows off the detailed work performed by Rob.

The Pantera 850 GT features twin Gale Banks turbochargers, ignition, and Imco power steering. The boat also features a custom tandem trailer and a new stereo. This boat is also equipped with a full-length travel cover and a TRS drive.

The founders of Pantera built the first performance speedboat, a 24-footer, in 1975. Since then, the company has gained an excellent reputation in the sport of boat racing. They even won the SBI Factory 1 World Championship in 2001. The Pantera marine company is headquartered in Florida. Their boats range from twenty-four to forty-one feet and are built with performance in mind.

The hull was in good shape, considering its age. Rob put in countless hours of work to prepare for the project. He used thick epoxy to fill any imperfections. In addition, he blueprinted the hull and sanded it to make it dead straight. Lastly, the hull was polished to a flawless finish.

XT Innovations Restored The 24 Pantera

Rob Dawson, an Ohio boater, purchased his Pantera in 2011 from a friend. The friend had owned the boat since 1979. At that time, it was powered by a small block mated to a Volvo 280 and later by a 426 Hemi.

Although the boat had been running for many years, it needed a complete overhaul. When Rob bought it, he decided to go full tilt with the restoration.

Rob and his team reupholstered the seats in the cockpit with the Pantera logo embroidered on the seatbacks. Other details include a fully refinished dash and gauges. The deck hardware was also re-chromed. The finished boat is a showpiece of Rob’s attention to the point.

Pantera Boats History

The Pantera Boats history dates back to the 1970s. The company had a prominent presence in the Miami offshore racing scene and was acquired by Carbon Marine Inc. in 2016.

They had already acquired the molds and intellectual property of Pantera Boats, which they will use to produce their boats. In 2016, they introduced the first exposed 100 percent carbon fiber powerboat hull.

Ilmor designed the boat’s power plant to produce 650 horsepower. It features Brodix intake and heads. It also has a Bravo 1 drive, which is made by Mr. Gadgets in Holland, Michigan. A total of three cylinders are used to drive the boat.

The first Pantera boat was a 24-foot performance speedboat, which quickly earned the company a solid reputation in boat racing. In 2001, it won the SBI Factory 1 World Championship. Today, the company’s boats range from 24 to 41 feet in length, with an emphasis on performance. Many models come with seating for passengers.

One of the latest models from Pantera is the Pantera 28. This handbuilt boat is a rare find. Its black gel coat exterior and interior are custom-made and feature custom graphics. A 6.2-liter freshwater-cooled engine is fitted. A custom tandem trailer and twin axle trailer are included. The boat is located in Delmar, New York.


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