Pontoon Boat Hard Tops (Best Guide)

Pontoon Boat Hard Tops

Pontoon Boat Hard Tops are a great way to protect your boat from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can irritate the skin, allergies, and even cancer. These hardtops also protect your boat’s upholstery from drying out. Having a pontoon hardtop will help extend the boating season and keep your boat safe even in the coldest weather.

Pontoon Boat Hard Tops

Diy Hard Top for Pontoon Boat you can choose a that will match your style and design of yours. It’s important to choose a model that will complement your boat and will maintain the high level of functionality it offers.

When you’re shopping for a new hardtop for your boat, consider a few factors, including the mounting points. The mounting points on your boat’s hard top should match the style and model of the boat to ensure a proper fit.

The size of your pontoon boat is also important. Hardtops come in various sizes to fit various boat models. To make sure you purchase the right size for your boat, first measure its length from bow to stern. A pontoon boat is usually six feet long. However, hardtops are also available in five-foot, five-six-foot, and nine-foot variations.

How to Make a Diy Hard Top for Pontoon Boat?

Installing a Diy Hard Top for Pontoon Boat requires a little bit of preparation. It is important to have a friend who can hold the hardtop in place as you drill holes through the framework and install the fasteners. The mounting brackets are typically attached to the top with screws. Make sure to tighten them correctly.

Installing a hardtop protects the boat from the elements, and can extend your boating season. Will also prevent your upholstery from fading or drying out. It is especially important to install a hardtop if you have children who play outside. It will also prevent the sun from causing damage to the upholstery.

If you have some DIY skills, you can try to make a hard top yourself. Just be sure to check the quality of the materials and the workmanship before you begin. You’ll be pleased with the result, and will be proud of your DIY project. It’s easy to make one, and the tutorial will provide all of the details you need to know.

Can You Put A Hard Top On A Pontoon Boat?

If you are looking to add a hardtop to your pontoon boat, there are a couple of things you need to know first. First of all, it is important to measure the boat so you can determine which size hardtop will work best for it.

This measurement will be the length from the bow to the stern. Most pontoon boats are six feet long, so you will need to find one that fits that length. However, some hardtops come in five, six, and nine feet long.

Bimini Top

A hard top for pontoon boats can be a practical way to add more shade and protection to your pontoon boat. Unlike traditional biminis, which can be prone to punctures and damage, hard tops can be mounted directly on the boat. The best part about these tops is that they don’t need to be re-stretched, and they can be made from many different materials.

When selecting a pontoon hardtop, you’ll need to consider the length of your pontoon boat and its mounting location. The length and width of your pontoon boat will determine how tall the hardtop should be. It’s also important to consider where you plan to install the foldable top and how you’ll position it when not in use.


When installing a hard top on pontoon boats, there are a few steps you must take. First, determine how much shade you want to provide. Once you have determined how much shade to provide, you can start preparing the frame pieces for mounting. A typical installation takes between three and six hours.

Installing a hard top on a pontoon boat is a fairly simple process, and it does not take a professional to complete. However, it is advisable to measure your pontoon boat carefully. The length of the pontoon boat varies from five to six feet, with five-foot-six-inch versions available.

Pontoon Hard Top Price Range

A Pontoon Hard Top is a type of hard top that is installed on a pontoon boat. The price range of a pontoon hard top varies considerably.

The price range of a pontoon hard top varies greatly, but an average-sized pontoon can cost between $19,000 and $65,000 new. A good beginner’s model can be purchased for less than $14,000 from a dealer. This is why it is important to know your boat’s exact measurements before making your purchase.

Pontoon hard tops are tough and durable, but they need regular maintenance to ensure that they will last a long time. Proper maintenance will extend the lifespan of your hardtop and give you more enjoyment on your boating trips.

Before installing your new pontoon hardtop, be sure to clean the mounting points thoroughly with acetone to prevent dirt from getting trapped and scratching. Then, lay out all of your materials and check that you have all the components you need. Otherwise, you might end up with an incomplete project.

Why Should I Buy A Pontoon Hard Top?

There are several benefits to installing a pontoon hard top on your boat. First and foremost, it protects you and your passengers from the sun’s rays. These rays are harmful, causing skin cancer, allergies, and irritation. Additionally, hard tops protect upholstery from drying out. They can also extend the boating season. Many boat owners choose to winterize their boats once summer is over, so installing a hard top will help you enjoy your boat year-round.

Another benefit of a pontoon hard top is its durability. These tops are made to last longer than soft tops and can be placed anywhere on your pontoon boat. If you have a tender or want to make it more comfortable for a family, you can use a hard top that fits your boat model.

The most important benefit of a pontoon hard top is that it provides shade. In the past, fixed frame tops were made of vinyl, fabric, fiberglass, and aluminum. People were more likely to prefer aluminum over vinyl because they felt it was a better material.

But the disadvantages of fixed frame tops include their inability to let the sun’s rays reach the people inside the boat. This has led to the evolution of the convertible canopy. The demand for speed has also resulted in the transition to the bimini top.

Pontoon Hard Tops Offer Protection From The Sun

Pontoon hard tops are a great way to protect your boat from the harsh sun rays. There are many different styles and designs available. Choose one that matches the style and model of your pontoon boat. The key is to find one that has the same high level of functionality and efficiency as your pontoon boat. You can also customize a pontoon hard top for your specific needs.

Pontoon hard tops offer protection from the sun and rain while still allowing the boat to be used for other purposes. They can also be a stylish addition to your pontoon boat. They are lightweight, easy to install, and can give you extra shade.

Hard Tops Make For a Longer Boating Season

Hard tops make your boat more protected from the weather, which makes it safer to take it out into the water. They also provide cooler shade in the summer and protection from unexpected rain. The benefits of hard tops are numerous, and many people find that it’s well worth the additional cost to have them installed on their boats.

Another benefit of hard tops is their ease of cleaning. Unlike canvas dodgers, which require regular cleaning, fiberglass hardtops are easily wiped down. As with most boats, a canvas dodger can become dirty from sunlight and algae.

The canvas must also be removed from time to time. In addition, it can be difficult to dismantle the canvas dodger. However, a hardtop’s rigid surface means that it doesn’t require a chafe pad and can be cleaned with a damp cloth or rag.

How Do I Measure A Pontoon Boat For A Hard Top?

When buying a pontoon boat, the first thing you must do is determine the length. There are ten available lengths to choose from. Some manufacturers offer fewer. Once you know the length of the boat, you can choose the appropriate hardtop.

Dimensions of a Pontoon Boat

Depending on your needs, you can find a pontoon boat that is large enough to accommodate several people. Typically, this boat is between twenty-three and thirty-eight feet long and 8.5 to 10 feet wide. The width of the boat can be measured in two ways: deck width and tube width. The deck width gives you more space while the tube width is more about power.

A pontoon boat hardtop comes in various sizes, but a standard hardtop is six feet long and five feet wide. The length of a pontoon boat is measured from the bow to the stern, and the width is measured from the midpoint of the length. The width will also depend on the type of hardtop. Unlike a soft top, a pontoon boat hardtop is much more durable.

While pontoon boats are remarkably stable in calm water, they are less stable in choppy water. However, a pontoon can still be used safely in moderately rough waters. The larger the pontoon, the less unstable it will be in choppy waters. Before launching your pontoon boat into rough water, check the weather forecast. If the forecast is not favorable, you may want to cancel the trip.

How To Install Pontoon Boat Hard Tops

Before you can install your pontoon boat hard tops, you need to prepare the boat frame properly. Installing the hardtop requires drilling holes into the framework and screwing in mounting brackets.

Be sure to tighten the screws carefully to avoid stripping the threads. Once the mounting brackets are in place, you can start installing the hardtop frame with another pair of hands. Hardtop manufacturers provide the necessary fasteners to install the hardtops.

Traditional Style Legs

Traditional style legs for pontoon boat hardtops combine three elements at the rear – a pair of primary supporting legs and two, four, or more secondary braces. This type of leg has a maximum of six attachment points and is often found on custom hardtops from Atlantic Towers.

Traditional style legs were popular in the 1980s when many new flybridge fishing boats were equipped with fabric-topped “Half Towers.” Owners of boats fitted with a permanent hardtop still use them.

Side-Mount Deck Hinges

A hard top of a pontoon boat can be installed with side-mount deck hinges. The hard top has two sections, the left and right, which are joined at hinges 18. The hinge extends longitudinally from the hinge line. A motor mount is disposed inwardly of the members and displaced forward of the inner side of the deck.

Weight of Hard Tops

When purchasing a pontoon boat hardtop, it’s important to determine how much it weighs. The weight of a hardtop is largely dependent on its size and how much shade it provides. The hardtop frame consists of several frame pieces.

After you’ve assembled the frame pieces, you’ll need to attach the mounting brackets. The mounting brackets should be positioned exactly across one another so that the hardtop provides the proper amount of shade and protection.

Measurement for Hard Tops

To choose the right type of hard top for your pontoon boat, you must first measure the length of your boat. It is important to know the length between the bow and stern, as well as its width. This will allow you to choose the right size. A hard top will protect your pontoon boat from weather changes while you’re out on the water and will last longer than a soft top or T-top.

Installation Instructions

Once you have purchased a pontoon boat hard top, you need to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to make the process as simple as possible. You must first drill a few holes in the framework of the pontoon boat.

Then, you will need to install the mounting brackets. The mounting brackets must be placed in such a way that they provide adequate shade to the pontoon boat.


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