Pro Drive Boats for Sale Campaign is Only US$30,995

Pro Drive Boats for Sale

Pro Drive Boats for Sale owner just priced US$174,999. Used Pro Drive Boats for Sale is 18′ in length. The fuel type used in the 2022 Pro-Drive 1854 TD boats is gasoline.

Pro Drive Boats for Sale

Aside from being built from 5086-grade marine aluminum, 2022 Pro-Drive 1854 TD Boat has some pretty impressive features. They are built with longitudinal ribs and two-inch by two-inch square tubing bracing.

They also have a tapered chine, which allows for easier sliding off obstacles. The hull’s best feature is its smooth bottom, which allows for much better maneuverability at slower speeds.

The company’s GHOST 2 Man model is a great layout boat, and its adjustable spray shield works well in rough waves. This model has a lot to offer, including an aluminum hull, a deluxe fishing console, and dry storage for other gear.

Pro-Drive’s design team has spent years testing different boat designs to develop the most aesthetically pleasing combination of features and functions.

The company has also put its years of experience to work when it comes to building a shallow-draft outboard that offers enhanced maneuverability.

Company builds the boat and the motor together as a unit, increasing strength and reducing the possibility of the motor spinning off. The company also offers a variety of options to customize your boat. For more information, contact Pro-Drive today.

What is ProDrive on a Boat?

Pro-Drive boats are built with 5086-grade marine aluminum, with a 1/8-inch thick aluminum hull. They also use a tapered chine design that runs higher than a typical round or semi-V-shaped boat.

A shallow draft also reduces drag, which is good for fishermen and hunters alike. A high-performance model has a motor of up to 40 horsepower, while a more modest 37 horsepower model is more than sufficient for the average day on the water.

Do Pro-Drive Motors Have Reverse?

Getting back out of the water when it is time to leave is an important part of the Pro-Drive experience. This is made easy by their Automatic Full Power Reverse system.

It turns the entire lower unit 180 degrees, allowing for a fully powered reverse. This isn’t something that a conventional outboard can do, but with the right equipment, it’s a snap.

Getting into tight ponds, and reducing the speed of the boat are other great uses for the Automatic Full Power Reverse system. This feature allows the motor to turn around in a matter of seconds, allowing for an easy way to get out of trouble.

Another great feature is the way the Pro-Drive motor turns a large propeller. It’s a real powerhouse, and it gives real torque. It also has an electric clutch that eliminates the need for a tiller handle. The Pro-Drive motor is also corrosion-resistant, making it easier to store.

Who Owns Pro-Drive Outboards?

Located in Loreauville, Louisiana, Pro-Drive is a limited liability company that manufactures outboard motors. The company is comprised of 17 employees at its single location and generates $4.4 million in annual revenues.

The company specializes in making shallow water outboards for hunting and commercial purposes. It also manufactures internal combustion engines.

How Much Does a 27-Hp Pro Drive Weight?

27 HP Pro Driver Weight is 320 lbs.

Pro Drive Boats Reviews

Whether you are a new boater or an experienced boater, it is always helpful to read Pro Drive boat reviews to get the most up-to-date information on a new boat.

16-, 17-, 18- and 20-Foot Lengths

Unlike most shallow water boat builders, Pro Drive Boats for sale makes both their boats and motors in one unit. The company is well known for its quality construction. They manufacture models in 16-, 17-, 18- and 20-foot lengths.

They offer several standard features on all of their models. A few of the most popular models include the TDB SeaClass, the Timber Deck (TD) Edition, and the X series.

The company also offers a wide range of accessories and features. The X Series line features several notable features, including a self-bailing cockpit, tapered chine, and a full flush floor design.

The Pro-Drive team put together the best of what they’ve learned over the years to create the best shallow-draft boat. This combines several features, including the T-Rail gunnel system, longitudinal ribs, and a heavy-duty, patented, T-Mount T-Rail to name a few.

48-, 54- and 60-inch Bottom Widths

Whether you’re looking for a shallow draft duck boat or a high-performance fishing boat, Pro Drive Boats offers several different options for you to choose from.

You’ll find models with 48-, 54- and 60-inch bottom widths, as well as 17-foot lengths, all made from 5086-grade marine aluminum. These boats are designed to handle heavy use and provide quality construction.

They come with many standard features and can be easily customized with a variety of accessories. You can even get the Extreme Mod-V version, which adds a V to the hull, adding versatility to the boat.

The X Series boats are designed to perform well with shallow-draft outboards. They feature a tapered chine and a smooth bottom that provides a smooth ride. They also come equipped with a spotlight kit and side consoles.

The Pro-Drive team has spent years testing various designs for the best shallow water boat. They’ve found that a tapered chine and hull provide faster speeds and better load-carrying capacities.

1” x 2” Rectangular Ribs

X series boats by Pro Drive are shallow-draft boats designed to compliment shallow-draft outboards. Their design features include a square chine, which achieves greater load-carrying capacity and faster speeds.

The company’s boats are built with marine-grade aluminum that’s 1/8 inch thick. The square chine is accompanied by 2-by-2-inch square tubing for bracing the side walls.

There are two types of X series boats – the 17-foot model and the 16-foot model. Both boats feature the same high-quality construction, but they differ in size and price.

The 17-foot model is a good value at $36,500 while the 16-foot model is $34,500. The 17-foot model features a Pro Drive 36 Mud Motor with hydraulic tilt and reverse, as well as a spotlight kit and side consoles.


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