Higgins Boat for Sale Listed Price $69,499

Higgins Boat for Sale

Higgins Boat for Sale listed price 69,499 USD. There is a Used Higgins Boat for Sale Ford F150 V6 Turbo outboard engine. Higgins Boat hull material is plywood.

The 1948 Higgins Deluxe Sedan Cruiser Boat model is 26′ ft and is gasoline-powered. Higgins Boat for sale is in the sport fishing class.

Higgins Boat for Sale

If you’re looking for a classic boat that will get you from A to B in style then the 1948 Higgins Deluxe Sedan Cruiser should be on your shortlist.

Besides being a great ride, it also has a few perks that most other cruisers lack. The first and foremost is that it’s a breeze to tow, thanks to a custom-built trailer. Also, its mahogany interior is a treat to behold.

This oh-so-sexy boat boasts a slick redesigned engine compartment that’s been swaddled in a soft sheen paint job. It’s got the latest in safety tech, from a plethora of LED lighting to an alarm and alarm system to boot.

While it’s a bit more expensive than the average Joe can afford, the rewards are well worth the extra cash. If you’re into vintage boats you might just find the perfect home base for a dynasty.

Although the Higgins Deluxe Sedan is a work of art in its own right, it’s still best to entrust the duty of caring to a trusted professional.

How Many Higgins Boats are Left?

Higgins Industries, a New Orleans-based shipbuilding company, became the world’s largest manufacturer of landing craft and other small naval vessels during World War II.

During the war, the company built more than 20,000 military boats, ranging from torpedo tubes and landing craft to patrol craft and supply vessels. The company also manufactured high-speed PT boats.

How Much Did a Higgins Boat Cost?

The Cost of a Higgins Boat ranges from $60,000 to $1,500,000 on average.

Is Higgins Boat Company Still in Business?

Although the Higgins name was associated with landing craft for decades, it was a very small fraction of the total output of the company. Thousands of boats were manufactured after the war. Some are still in use today. They are owned by three members of the Ohio Motor Pool.

What Was The Higgins Boat Made of?

The hull body of the Higgins Boat is made of plywood.

Higgins Boat Reviews

If you are interested in a small boat then a Higgins Boat Review will be able to give you more information. This will help you decide if the Higgins Boat is the right boat for you.


The Design of Higgins Boat is a unique story about an Irishman, a boat builder, and a Naval officer. It is an inspirational story about how one man’s dream became reality.

Andrew Jackson Higgins had an interest in boat building. He worked in timber and lumber businesses before World War II. After dropping out of high school, he decided to start a business specializing in small boats. His boat designs were innovative.

One of his designs included a frontal ramp. This ramp allowed infantry to disembark quickly from the boat. However, he was not satisfied with his boat. It had a difficult time emptying on the beach.

Eventually, the Navy approved his design. It was referred to as the “Higgins Boat,” and it began being used in several European theaters of operations.

Sarissa Precision 28mm LCVP

Sarissa Precision’s 28mm LCVP Higgins Boat is a great example of a small, soft vehicle. The boat itself can hold 24 troops, or up to 10 when the bases are lined up. It even has a few small perks.

For example, it has a surprisingly clever hull design that protects the propeller. Having a front-end ramp that allows for easy troop disembarkation is a major plus. Another nice touch is the fact that the boat has a decent-sized rear deck that can easily hold a jeep.

Overall, this little boat is a nice example of the kind of soft vehicle that is perfect for historical tabletop games. You can get your hands on one for free by visiting the Sarissa Precision website. However, if you’re after a high-end model, you may want to pony up a bit of cash.

Cobi Higgins Boat

The Cobi Higgins Boat is a re-creation of a vehicle that was used in several amphibious landings during World War II.

It was so successful that the US military has continued to use it as a basic design in the construction of future generations of amphibious landing craft. Its simplicity and light weight allowed it to easily transport 8,000 pounds of cargo and 36 soldiers.


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