Livingston Boats for Sale Just Price $23,499

Livingston Boats for Sale

Livingston Boats for Sale just 23,499 USD. There is a Used Livingston Boats for Sale 20 HP outboard motor. Livingston Boats Hull material is fiberglass. The 2015 Livingston LV19 boat model is 18′ ft and is gasoline-powered.

The 2015 Livingston LV19 is one of the most popular recreational boats available today. It is designed with a catamaran hull and weighs 190 pounds dry. The hull is manufactured with a three-year factory warranty. This boat is an excellent tender for yachts, and can also be used on inland waterways.

Livingston Boats for Sale

The LV19 is the largest boat in the Livingston boats for sale line and has a shallow draft that will allow you to fish anywhere along the California Coast. The shallow draft makes it a great option for trout fishing inshore, and its single-engine design gives it impressive performance while maintaining fuel economy.

The LV19 is a seven-foot-long boat with a 20-horsepower outboard. It has a roomy interior and is lighter than a Jon boat. It was manufactured by Westland Industries and was known for its stability and versatility. Whether you plan fishing or use it for family vacations, you’ll find the perfect boat for your needs.

The twin hulls of a Livingston catamaran help reduce water drag, allowing them to glide across the water with relative ease. This means that a Livingston boat is less likely to bottom out or flip over, unlike a monohull sailboat. They are also stable, making them ideal for shallow waters.

Where are Livingston Boats Manufactured?

Livingston boats were founded in 1967, and they have been serving customers ever since. They are based in Tarboro, North Carolina. Since 2010, the company has been owned by The PowerCat Group. They specialize in affordable, sturdy dinghy boats, as well as a variety of fishing and watersports vehicles.

What is a Livingston Boat?

In addition to being light and durable, Livingston boats for sale also have a hard bottom, which is perfect for beaching. They also have stainless steel keel strips for a smooth ride. Their initial cost is also lower than their inflatable counterparts, and they always stay inflated, eliminating the worry of inflation and deflation.

How Much Does a 10-Foot Livingston Weigh?

10-Foot Livingston Weight is 190 lbs.

How Much Do Livingston Boats Weigh?

Livingston Boats range from the lowest 135 to 1600 lbs.

Are Livingston Boats Unsinkable?

Livingston Boats are designed to be unsinkable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on one. They’re designed to be highly maneuverable and can be operated in shallow water as well.

For example, a crew might take a boat out for monthly maintenance run on the Amite River, where mile markers are designated to help find people in distress. And the boat has a flap, which makes water rescues easier.

Another example of an unsinkable boat is Boston Whaler. It was created forty years ago and has a solid history of innovation. Today, the company continues to develop new boat designs and perfect classic Boston Whalers.

In addition, the company’s engineers have come up with innovative ways to make the hull of their boats unsinkable.

For example, in the 1970s, they developed foam-filled fiberglass skins and spent a lot of time figuring out how to keep that foam from fracturing. This technology makes them truly unsinkable boats.

Are Livingston Boats Stable?

Livingston Boats is a very well-balanced boat.

Livingston Boat Reviews

The Livingston Boat is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum and fiberglass sailing boats. The company has a long history of building high-quality sailing vessels.

Its most popular models include the LV19, LV18, and LV24. These boats are available in a variety of sizes and price ranges. They are ideal for cruising the waterways and can accommodate up to six passengers.

Livingston Catamarans

The Livingston line of catamarans is a great choice for people who want to experience the pleasure of cruising and fishing at the same time. They are large enough to take you where the fish are, while being shallow enough for inshore flats fishing.

A great feature of these boats is their double hull, which helps them cut through the water and provide greater load-bearing capacity. This means that the boat is extremely stable and offers high performance.

David Livingston

David Livingston is a living legend in the boating industry. He has designed more pleasure boats than anyone else and has worked with his son John to create dozens of patents to make boating easier and safer. He is also a member of the Northwest Marine Trade Association and has won the Legend award.


If you’re looking for a new boat, you’ve probably heard of the Livingston LV18. This is one of the largest models in the Livingston line and can handle any water along the California Coast.

It features a shallow draft and is the perfect choice for fishing trout inshore. Its design combines catamaran benefits with a single engine to provide the best of both worlds: performance and fuel efficiency.


The Livingston LV17 is a popular choice for boaters who need a solid bottom for beaching. They’re also lightweight, so they’re a great choice for yacht tenders. They’re also available with stainless steel keel strips to improve traction and floatation.

The Livingston’s initial cost is less than that of an inflatable dinghy, and they’re easy to inflate and deflate. This eliminates many of the worries that can come with inflatable flotation.


The Livingston LV14 is a new catamaran design that is suitable for both big water and shallow waters. It comes in two versions, one with an open catamaran skiff and one with a stand-up console. Both types have different horsepower limits and can be used for different purposes.

The stand-up console version is more suitable for bigger bodies of water. It is recommended to choose the console version if you are interested in speed and rough water capability.


When looking at Livingston LV15 boat reviews, it’s essential to keep several factors in mind. For example, a motor will be an important consideration, as it will affect the performance and comfort of the boat. Another feature that you should consider is the horsepower limit.

If you’re looking to get the most speed out of the boat, a higher horsepower limit means more speed. However, if you’re looking for a smooth ride over rough water, a console version may be a better choice.


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