Rh Boats for Sale Owner Just Price $249,995

Rh Boats for Sale

RH Boats for Sale owner just price 249,995 USD. Used RH Boats for Sale is 28′ in length as the model name indicates. The fuel type of this clean used boat is gasoline. 2016 Rh Boats 28 Offshore XL has a 200 hp powered Yamaha engine. Hull material is made of aluminum. This boat is in the saltwater fishing class.

Whether you’re in search of a fishing boat for a family vacation or a recreational fishing boat for a weekend getaway, you’ll be pleased to know that RH Aluminum Boats is a great choice for your next vacation. With shallow drafts and wider beams, these boats are perfect for a variety of activities.

Rh Boats for Sale

The RH XL beam features a steep bow entry and great storage. There are also two full bathrooms, a convertible dinette area, and air conditioning. The sturdy steel hull and twin Caterpillar engines provide power for an extended range of 7,000 nautical miles. For optimum comfort, the boat has an advanced stabilization system that reduces side-to-side roll. There are also several amenities to keep you connected while out on the water.

Are Rh Boats Welded or Riveted?

Rh Boats are all welded for durability and longevity.

Where are Rh Boats Manufactured?

High-quality Rh Aluminum Fishing Boats are manufactured in Oregon USA.

Who makes Rh Boats?

Blue Earth Marine LLC manufactures Rh boats.

RH Boats Reviews

RH Boats first appeared on PissedConsumer on Apr 16, 2017. The company ranks 3 in the Water Transport category. A few of its most notable features include hand-tailored canvas, Premier fit and finish, and Fisherman-friendly layouts. The bottom line is that RH boats are not for everyone, but they’re worth considering. Let’s take a closer look at their product reviews.

Premier Fit and Finish

The Sea Hawk Pro and Offshore series are designed for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Built of hand-tailored canvas and heavy gauge aluminum, the Sea Hawk is built for durability and is made to withstand the elements.

Its spacious interior allows you to store your fishing gear inside and is equipped for the best performance in the water. If you’re serious about fishing, the Sea Hawk SH 200 is a great choice. With a maximum occupant capacity of six, the SH 200 has all of the amenities you’ll need to catch a fish.

A Premier Series is one of the most luxurious boats available, featuring top-of-the-line features. The Premier series provides an ideal 20-foot fish-catching platform for avid fishermen.

The Kenai series also meets Kenai River regulations. A full line of RH boats is available from its dealerships. With its Premier fit and finish, RH boats are the first choice of many serious anglers and sport-fishing guides.

Hand-Tailored Canvas

River Hawk Boats are renowned for their premier fit, strong welds, and hand-tailored canvas. Their designs are ideal for fishermen, offering thoughtful layouts and the ultimate functionality. Choose from several models from fourteen to thirty-two feet and enjoy the smooth ride and streamlined performance of these boats. Choose from a wide selection of RH Boat models for your next outing!

Fisherman Friendly Layouts

RH Boats are known for their superb craftsmanship, high-end finishes, and fisherman-friendly layouts. These fishing vessels are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and come in a variety of colors and finishes. For more information on these boats, check out the Sea Hawk Pro or Offshore series. They are well-designed for both novice and experienced fishermen and offer everything that you need to enjoy your next trip.


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